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im still havin a hard time with bankroll management... Sad everytime i say im gonna stick to it eventually i get bored of only movin up 5-6-7 $ and hit the high tables and lose all Sad hopefully after seein this success ill make a goal and stick to it!!! good luck nasty frog!

question kinda off topic im sorry! i have accounts at fulltilt and pokerstars is it possible to get a rake back deal? took the no deposits Sad havent made deposits yet on eather so still have the first deposit bonuses..decided to get off partypoker and start a new beginin

HI guys! New update. Im in a really nasty downswing. Im loosing alot with flopped sets with pp etc.

For example, KK. FLopp K9Q. Turn 10, river J. OFc he ahve A lol.

But the sickest beat ive had, was for like 5 minutes ago. I got A5. flopp 234.

I pottbet.

He reraise pott.

I rereraise.

He goes allin

I call.

HE shows 55

Turn 4

River 5

He makes full house. Thats nasty isnt it? Big Smile

Not much I can do. Im trying my best to build it up but its really hard right now.

Wallet: Around 600 USD

Cya guys at the tables @ 50 NL

New update:

This night I played a few hours, this time ONLY 2 tables. I wanted to try that out cause then I caould more easy focus on my opponents( Which we all know is hard on 8 tables ).

I did well. THough I loss a 101 USD pot A65 ( I had 55 and he 66 ) I managed to win 123 USD on 50 NL tables. Im happy with that! So I won back some money that I lost last session which is NIIICE! Smile

Current bankroll: 743.39 USD

Soon I will be done with 9000 Points total on the rakerace on bigbetpoker. Which gives me 100 USD. Just need like 100 VIPPoints more. SUPERNICE! Smile

Im really looking forward to play against John, just need to build up my bankroll a bit bigger. ( Ive hears hes a good pokerplayer! )

Cya at the tables guys!

nice bankroll management and seems like you spend a lot of time playing at BBP site, And the 2K withdrawal within 2 hours to moneybookers is amazingly fast. Worship

Posted by nastyfrog:
HI guys! Done for today. I actully started out on 25 NL directly, gamled Tongue it worked of. And Im still only playing 25 NL but 8 tables total on 2 screens. It went pretty good today.

Wallet: 1188.30 USD

Points: 5798.95

Gl guys!

Nice Big Smile

Hi guys! Ive played a little session + that I casshed in 300.000 Reward Points. So that did boost up my bankroll Smile

Current bankroll: 1245.73 USD

Total winnings on Bigbetpoker: 3245.73 USD

Cya at the tables guys!

Keep up the good work Nastyfrog.
GL vs John too, think its a little unfair as he will be rolled and you wont but if your making the vid and doing publicity then I hope he rewars you one way or anouther.

I won't be bankrolled on this... I'll be using my own cash! Would be a little unfair if I had a limitless bankroll to play with. The idea wasn't to make this a massively expensive affair, we'll probably play $10 HU SitnGo's but more to have a bit of fun and hopefully produce something educational (and potentially humiliating for me) Shock


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