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didnt get my money.. what to do?  0   

I didnt get my money from poker770, so I emailed them and asked why and they said another player had registered with the same bonus from the same IP.

Heres the case: Im on a mobile 3g connection with dynamic IP adress, I get a new ip adress and the whole mobile 3g net (every ISP) is behind NAT, so we are like 1 million people sharing maybe 500-1000 IP adresses. Ofcourse someone has registered before with the same ip.

I have never ever even heard about the site poker 770 before I became a member of BRM, and all this I explained to the support but they havent even given me an answer.

Is there anything I can do or should I just live with it?

Very bad way to threat the customers imo.

A mod can probably confirm that even here on BRM I've logged in with a different IP everytime I've logged in so you guys dont think I'm just talking s**t.


Unfortunately that might be the case sometimes with 3G connections and stuff like that. I'm not sure how the poker sites intend to handle that issue as more and more people might start sharing IP addresses.

However, Poker 770 also just stopped the free $50 promotion (we were informed yesterday), so we can no longer offer the bonus - it's uncertain that you will be able to receive it, even if you convince them that you're sharing an IP address with other 3G connection users.

Allright.. Are you coming up with any new bonuses soon? Down like €1000 with own money in october so some freebe would be nice right now. Smile


Fordie can you get the Mansion NDB? They are both on the same network and software is the same just different colors. The 770 is a blue and Mansion is green for the only difference I could tell. I'm also pretty sure 770 has more french players from what I am reading here at BRM. I coudln't tell ya because I really didn't play at 770 enough to notice.

thats really seriously bad man! my sympathies.. best you cud do is to request a different bonus and build a respectable bankroll out of it.. thats what u can call a bad beat.. try the FTP 50$ gift offer.. thats nice. and the cashout structure is much better..
cheers and good luck man!

BankrollMob Forum » Poker 770 » didnt get my money.. what to do?

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