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How often do you bluff?

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I bluff all the time.... now Blink

Just about evrytime I Cbet. So rry but this is a stupid question with two choices

If I'm playing ring/cash game bellow NL25 I basically don't bluff, it's pretty pointless - you'll be called anyway by bottom pair with A kicker and s**t like that. I might semi-bluff a draw, but that's about it.

On higher limits + MT + SNG I try to bluff when there's a good spot or if I have a good read - generally successfully. However - if I am on TILT I start to bluff to much and bluff donkeys and such - bad idea.

Also, at low stakes - I often pretend to bluff strong hands - I've found over-betting when playing under NL10 is ridiculously effective. People call a $4 bet on a 20c pot with s**t so often it's amazing.

My bluff game is getting better... i used to bluff a lot and get caught quite a lot but i'm trying to get a grip and bluff less especially when i dont have an improving hand..
I'learnt a while ago that all in bluffs are not worth a sneez. all in rings alarm bells for me now.
Id rather raise 1/2 my stack with a bluff that gamble everything, at least i'll be able to play on with 1/2
Position bluffs i do quite a bit more than i should but saying that even that i have managed to calm down on.hehehe Shock
BB bluffs are still my fav especially when you pick out the players who bluff to pick up the blinds...hahaha get Big Smile

]Posted by TheRoboDuck:
Hi @ all,

'it would be interesting to know how often do you bluff and in which spots?! Are you the rock, who nearly never bluffs or do say "Bluffing? Its one of the most important things in playing poker!" Further .more, please tell which kind of poker do play.

I'm just bluffing when i have some reads of the other player. Most time i play sngs, in cashgame i bluff 'a little more.

seldom play bluff... didnt know that online have bluffs too haha

Big Smile Big Smile

I never bluff. PERIOD.

I do:

speak in tongues. Some Indian guy showed me how...Or orally taught me that crap.
Occasionally, bet creatively. Creative, is the operable word.
Make stuff up, but I make it BELIEVABLE!

I love bluff... that why i can't never win and i always stay at the same ammount of cash... sometimes i just can'tstop myself... but usually everythink goes fine.

i didn t bluff a lot,because you will always paid or reraised for any high pair on flop with an an high kicker(AK) or a better hands, only sometimes on dealer buttons to take blinds, that all .... Big Smile Big Smile

Enjoy Smile Tongue

Not going to say if I bluff or not, will give my game away Big Smile

Every single hand Big Smile


Not very often, but mostly from position.

nooo Never - Bluffing is BAD!


Often times I assume that I should have. Then, when you throw away what appeared to be a trash hand .. a little gumption to bluff would have been helpful.

If there's a hefty pot.. hmmm YEA.. WHY NOT?!

Isn't poker beautiful

GOOD LUCK PLAYERS Dollar Dollar Dollar


I try to have all kinds of game strategies poekr regarding concerns can be lamplighter,

can be tight or aggressive depending on when the game mode and my bankroll,

and can vary my game systems depending on that, but not usually very lamplighter.. LOL Cool

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