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]Posted by klosar22:
I lost almost 1000$ this week.. Mainly due to bad beats. 3outers, 2outers even 1outers..

/I have been going on losing streaks on other sites before but this is just CRAZY!!!! My hands just can't hold up. I have lost over 20 times with Aces or Kings in the last few days.

I don't know what the f is going on! My bankroll is down to 800$..
Should probably take a break for a few days and hope that my luck changes..

But it just feels like someone is determined that I don't win anymore...,
Has anyone had losing streaks like this? Any advice for me??

oh well.. maybe you need to take abreak first
i got losing streaks as well lol..
or maybe i was just anyhow play haha
gona just take a break.. when feeling better than bet again

Smile Smile Smile

Well, i checked my scope, i am only $750 down Tongue, but still my scope looks ugly atm its only down down down, flips dont flip anymore Smile Anyway i keep trying, i will kill variance for sure Smile

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That's you're going through a bad streak happens to me too,

but we must overcome to inentar after all are just bad beats...

Big Smile

Play lower limits if you dont have the roll to continue. Check ur hand history, there may be fails in ur game. Otherwise, its just variance, just wait and play the same poker Blink

Lol nice graph Doomdy, i wish i had a graph like that. Pity mines going the opposite direction.. i guess im just not very good at MTTs and SnGs. Probably best if i just stick with Cash tables for now until i get a decent enough roll for SnGs and MTTs, but i'd probably have to read a few articles on how to approach those games because it certainly is different to playing cash tables.

at this moment u must stop playing poker 4 money just 1 week or 2 weeks brake take because black days come 4 you and now u can loose much more if u play Aww crap!

take a break relax from playing poker and after that u can easy again start poping yours balance up and start wining all Worship

good luck 4 u and dont loose all in this 2 day Tongue

OMG I want your graph soomdy (yeah even with the down included).
Anyway you will get over this down for sure as you did with the others. Gl and I hope flips be with you (and with us too) Big Smile

Wow, what a rollercoaster i have been on the past 2 days on IPoker, absolutley unbelievable, set over set countless times, nut straight pwned by a rivered boat, flopped another nut straight, only to stack off to a backdoor flush thanks to some idiot calling station, & as if it couldnt get any worse Aces full, runs into quad jacks Aww crap! ..... thought that would be it but noooooooo, blew a whole BI in my first hand on a new table, i get dealt aces thinking my luck has changed Big Smile .. raise 4 BB's, get a caller, flop is rainbow with something like K310, put in pot size cbet, get raised all in by a maniac who ive had on my table in the past & he's running at 65/30(!!!) over nearly a 500 hand sample, im come VERY close to folding but.. noway not against this maniac fish always overplaying TP... & aces are so pretty, so i call & he shows a set of 3's Aww crap! . I quit for the next couple of days, need to clear my head.

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