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Posted by M3turbo:

Sorry think I missread your post, did the calculation and forgot to comment.

Im not a tour player but with his stack in this spot I would probably call too. You could have so many over card combi's and even some under pairs in your range. Against all the overcards you could have he has got 50%+ equity, against the few under pairs 80% and 20% equity the few times you got now.

Thanks for your comment. I don't know wy you said I'm wrong with my calculation.
I calculated pot odds and the the equity that villian needed.

so 1.58/2.58 = 0.389

39% equity. The same that you said and I have already written.



That these things happen in poker,

I also have very bad luck in the final minutes of the tournament,

especially good letters AK or AA. Sad Aww crap!

Posted by Mast3rKush:
That's unlucky, not really that bad tbh, u still had redraw outs with Q's and J's, all you can really do is move on to the next tourney & hope your on the better end of variance of next time.
Also, until you've played on PKR.... then you have no IDDDDDEA what bad beats are LOL Made a deposit there 2 days ago, first hand on 10NL, i flop a set of 6's & improve to a boat on the turn, i get it all in vs KQ (he hit trip kings).... river is yup.... a Q lol. Couple of hands later, i catch the nut str8 on the turn holding AJ.... all the money goes in, villain shows a set of 6's..... guess what the river is... yup, the miracle 1 outer Shock Thumbs Down It's all good, just went back to my other sites! Tongue

Umm, if oyu have a straight on the river vs a set, the villian has a LOT more than 1 out Sleepy

Well, there isnt really any bad play here, its normal for you to shove with queens is this situation, and as fcumred said, you could have really bad cards and he got the odds to folllow. Well, just keep on playing this way, u will win someday Tongue

4 hours for this, why????

because we all expect win so we sometimes play and 7 hours and no win too so its poker and we always try to win .... Tongue

Posted by fcumred:
He has you well covered.
He has a high pocket pair.
He knows you are now desperate for chips and therefore likely to shove with any two cards
He has put in 6k and can win 97k for calling another 30k.. what better odds do you want..

yes it ssick, but then again, PP v PP there is always a risk they will hit the set.

Agree 100percent. Thumbs Up

I just keep triying to win one MTT

And what's the problem? if you expect everybody to make only right calls and board to be justified according to the odds you should really quit poker.

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Why????

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