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A continuation of

I decided to withdraw as it would be stupid to go broke and it would also be stupid to spend more time on site where I have to give up 50% of the winnings to the tax office.

But....I stilll had some points left so I played another point satelite and won another seat to a MTT. I had totally forgot this tour until yesterday afternoon when it suddenly hit me Smile Sadly I couldn't play it but I knew girlie was home hanging in the couch watching lame reality shows, so I asked if she wanted to play a MTT to get some purpose in her life Big Smile

Why not, I'll do my best she said. She is a bright girl, doesn't play poker but know more than most mobster about the game anyway. She often watches me play, ask's me why im doing as im doing and what im thinking. So she has great knowledge but little to none experience.

In the end girlie played MTT(I think it was $15K or $20K Gtd) with 1000 players and finished 27th for $40 Thumbs Up

Im so proud of her, that I need to brag post it here. My girl is crushing Big Smile LOL I know it was a small tour but come on she was MTT virgin.

Let's give girlie a hand Worship Worship

Now girlie can choose money won + dinner or 50% of rocket + dinner. Knowing her knowing my game im pretty sure she goes for the rocket solution but let's see when she gets home from school.

n1 Thumbs Up Worship

i´m sure you have some problems if she tasted blood Blink
i think the rooms dont allow multiaccounts per household or? Big Smile
but you should force her play Cool


What a history!!! First MTT and 27th of 1000... Worship
Maybe she is a Godness of poker or something like that.

Bye and aces for all!!

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