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So, I would appreciate if someone could make a breakdown of some differences bigger differences between online and live poker.

Is there any particular difference in the way you play some strategy?
I mean it is easier to read ur opponents in live poker, where while online players a good player can make 3000 hands while not showing any kind of raise/bluff pattern to their opponents

In live poker you can read an opponent by the looking at,is he sweating when he gets a good cards,is he nervous,how do he behave,how do he look,is he red faced,and in online poker it is a lot more difficult to read an a opponent,by the time its needed to call or raise,did he raised or called right away or did he waited,but that also could be a trick,so its harder in online poker.........

peace to ya all.......

Well obviously there are differences; differences in skills used, different sources of information and different context of the game but these are all pretty obvious. When it comes down to strategy and the fundamentals of when to call, raise or fold imo it's exactly the same. What i mean is just as online there are times when to play aggressive and times to play tight, the same can be said of live play.

If your playing a live tourney for example where there's only one buy in and one event, you can expect players to be tight, not wanting to go home early or ruin their night. So you should adapt your play to the tight play going on.
But there can be tourneys online where play is particularly tight. You can also play live where the buy in is cheap and there are lots of donks.

So whether your playing online or live same rules apply. You evaluate how your opponent is playing, you look for the signs to put him on a hand, you think of your own image, do a bit of maths and you bet accordingly.

it seems bigger hands hold up more live than online but then u can play alot more hands faster so more tp pick from

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