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So after blowing almost my entire bankroll, I want to start over again ... I want to specialize in HU because I love the action, and I really feel this is my best game. Now I'm just wondering what type of game I should play. I prefer playing cash games, but the rake at the lower limits at HU is absurd. Still I have a 60% rakebackdeal with a certain pokersite so I believe I can play HU cash games at lower limits without losing to much.

I'm not a really good sng player, but many people have told me that HU sng would be better to grow my bankroll, and then when I'm rolled to play 50NL HU I should switch to cash game.

So what would be your advise? Maybe any advise on HU cash or sng's strategy's ...?

Of cause HU has a high variance. Do you still have the bankroll to handle those swings? Is your post flop play strong enough? Do you tilt easily?

A good rakeback deal is a must.

I don't see heads up as an alternative to build a bankroll. Variance swings are sooo big and tilt potential is also overwhelming. I'd stick to the old and sometimes boring full ring games

Tip Nr1 for HU: Dont be a nit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by doomdy:
Tip Nr1 for HU: Dont be a nit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Captain Obvious strikes again Big Smile

Well HU fo me is a miss, the game goes too quick and 1 BB tends to end a session for me.
First where did you lose your BR, at SH FR or HU.
To build a roll id say avoid HU IMO.
Play micro FR or micro SH to build a roll.
In each you should be able to take it to HU and have a better read on thier hand.
Sorry you lost most of your BR, keep your head high and GL to you.
Id say if your going the HU route go for the SnG.
Not much help sorry.
But you shouldent be playing with the thought of "losing too much" .
cant give any HU stratergy but for SnG ABC works well. start tight and loosen up as the BB raises, short and simple.

If you want a nice read on SnGs I have a lot of info I can pass on but cant here, if on twitter and if you want tweet me (PM) email ad and im happy to send.

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ok im not too bright Aww crap! Aww crap! whats HU mean im guessing heads up ...... my understanding of all the poker terminology is badddd

All players i have seen with 2000$ or more loss , always play HU, 20$ HU on ftp.

I only play hu to improve my skill in sngs , i think nobody shouldn't build a bankroll by playing hu.

Personnaly, i turn the BRM 50$ no deposit bonus into 500$ only by playing micro sh sngs and i always play overrolled ( 100 buy-ins at least ) , now i can play 5 sngs at the same time, and seriously this way , you don't need high limits to make decent profit.

hope for you that you don't go on tilt oftend if you play HU because it's a risky game ... that's for sure

Posted by shokaku:
Of cause HU has a high variance. .

+1. Just play with a good bankroll managameny and be strong because variance will be your worst enemy.

Gl with your new way!

So what I've picked up here, just rebuild the bankroll with patience, SH or full ring cashgames, and play HU sng's just to get experience but not to build a bankroll on.

thx for the reactions, and thx b1gfoot, was really helpfull, don't have Twitter, but thx for the offer.

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