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Hello guys of bankrollmob,

now I want to try my own challenge on bigbetpoker from zero to hundred in 20 Days. Before I have to say, that I'm playing poker for three years now and all attempts were in vain to build a bankroll. So I read in the forum that some people start to get a bankroll on bigbetpoker by playing the H.O.R.S.E Freerolls.

Now I'm on a balance of $0,69

Friday: Played 3 Horse Freerolls and won two of them = $0.20
Saturday: Played 1 Horse Freeroll and won = $0.10
Sunday: Had a break and played a $3.30 6max Tournament on Stars, got 4th place for 517 bucks
Monday: Played a $0.11 SNG on BigBet and won = $0.50

The next days I'll play a few more of this sng's to reach the $100 until the 31st of December.

I'll report in this thread...

And now, I go back to the tables Smile

At least, sorry for my bad english Blink

good luck for your challenge, strating from nothing is always difficult.
Will you use cash game when you will have enough money or stick to the SnG ?
Let us know your progresses.

I think I will try cashgame if I have the bankroll for NL2... on $50... with 25 BuyIns I think it will work. The onliest problem to reach this challenge is, that I have to wait hours to play a 10 men sng...

good luck man

good luck to you my friend ...
What you are trying to achive is no easy feet, I started with the NDB on BBP and done quite well just before I get to the next level then just went down hill very fast so ended up depositing but blow that as
So sat with nothing and tried to get back up from freerolls and micro limits just as you are doing...
Oh my gosh its soul destroying i can tell you every little set back is such a huge chunk of you bankroll it tough.. but good luck it can make a man out of Aww crap!

today I wasn't playing, but tomorow I'll play the 11c sng's again!

Posted by Dynastik:
The onliest problem to reach this challenge is, that I have to wait hours to play a 10 men sng...

better than waiting hours for a 1000player freeroll and busting first hand against a maniac, right? i like these horse-freerolls, because its not complete a donkament, but building a bankroll with them is really hard (but still easier than it is with the stars-freerolls), so good luck!

good luck for your chsllenge but i think that is not easy. Confused building a bankroll from 0 Dollar is more difficult... good luck Smile

Good luck! Completely doable IMO. I built in Stars a bankroll from zero (I did get lucky on a freeroll which qualified to another FR and won 2$), and took it to ~80, and then transferred it to FT. Keep it up!

Your task is hard as hell. Following another person who's trying it, and It's not fast. Good luck tho Tongue

i can lose 100 dollars in 20 days Blink

i can lose 100$ in 2 minutes Big Smile Cool

Hello guys... I only want to say, that my BR is now on $1.07... Next report will follow in the next days

The similar situation at me was on celeb.
I have begun with freeroll on 1000, have won 7.50,
Has strummed 100 and it was lost to 0.
Aww crap!

i think that its a very difficult challenge as u won't be able to multitable those sngs at bigbet.
anyway gl and keep us updated
Posted by potripgirl:
i can lose 100$ in 2 minutes Big Smile Cool

u got some skill Tongue Tongue

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