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Do you watch Poker After Dark the cashgame?  +1   
It get's me early out of bed, atleast the days I didn't watch it at night like im going to now Tongue The line up this time is awesome, a really action packed field with my favourite whiner mixed in too Big Smile Phil Hellmuth, I love to hate that guy im almost waiting for him to get sucked out so he can explode, it's so funny Tongue

Can't create poll, only 1 poll/24h first time I've seen that one Confused

Edited by M3turbo (18 December 2009 @ 03:06 GMT)

yeah man i like to watch hellmuth get sucked out too and blow up lmao
where can i watch it now??

Im not allowed to link, but google "pokertube" if you don't know it already Smile

Posted by M3turbo:
Can't create poll, only 1 poll/24h first time I've seen that one Confused

That was introduced after that guy from Finland(?) posted a ton of polls in short time.

Yeah i have done in the past but i wouldnt like stay up to see it or anything... Shock

I luv Hellmuth, great guy to watch, and yeh also to learn from, some many people think he is a bad player, well thats just Bull........
Anyway so many vids on the net with him in it and he explode.
Luv the ''Hunny you saw that?" Big Smile

''Hunny that guy just call my raise preflop with QT offsuit''
''Hunny i hope he dont have aces'' (problably the best Tongue)

Edit: He had also a quote in a live event it goes sometin like this ''I am POKER, your not even allowed to talk about poker'' , Hilarious Big Smile

Yeah doomdy he's always great to watch and you're right he makes the best quotes. I got one too Smile

Hellmuth asks Ivey if he ever played Tiger Woods on the turf.

Ivey answers even if he wanted to play me I wouldn't, not the way I play at the moment.

Hellmuth answers why not you are playing me in Hold'em.

Big Smile

He is def a good player, his tournament results speak for them self but so does his cashgame results. Which is why Daniel N books him 1:1 in PAD the cash game. In this line up I would book him 100 of 100 times it's simply +EV.

cheers m3turbo spent hours catching up on the pokerafter dark still go a few hours more to watch

many thanks :0

On tv i have never watched this show yep, have to give it a try, I watch highstakes poker, that is a lot of fun. Smile

On Youtube, yes. It's not on my affiliate station here. They play infomercials instead. Good choice.

We have Heads Up Championship, Face the Ace, WSOPME and some other ones, WPT, Aussie Millions, Poker After Dark, Highstakes poker. That's a lot of TV for a simple card game.

My favorite is Highstakes though. It's actually fun to watch with rotating players and a full table. Plus you get tournament players and amateurs.

I like watching but its not shown here, well not untill a year later editid like mad adds every 10 mins and at 3am. So I get a fix from pokertube now and then.

I like this vid, seen it so many times, just watch Matusow, Hilarious Big Smile

i like a lot Phil Hellmuth, mike Matusow and Tony G becaus they are very hilariuos. i love see this players on tv. Cool

Just watched S05 Ep92, Hellmuth maks me LOL, some great play in that session.
So i leave my viewing pleasure and hit the tables, 4X nl25 and playd like a pro, my god I was killing the tables looking like a lose ass MF PPL wanted to get in my pots, but with bad timing, KK sees my up a BI, AQ holds against AJ for a BI flopping my sets I got to play hard, getting nice rewards, PPL folding to my bluffs and SC are working wounders.(SC are my new heros, little leads to a lot)
Playing lots of hands id normally fold, this sesion inspired me to loosen up more, was great fun.
End sessinon +4BI (433BB to be exact) and to top it of bonus is compleat now waiting for them to activate my deposit bonus. not bad for 45mins work Smile
Also thanks to FT for my 3rd 100% bonus.


Smile Thumbs Up


Agreed it's not only good entertainment but also good inspiration.

guess I'll start watching it Smile

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