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AA cracked,where did I made mistake or mistakeses  0   
No Limit Holdem Tournament • 6 Players • iPoker

UTG punisherts 1,045
UTG+1 Martina1964 1,500
CO Hero 1,490
BTN antialiazing 1,205
SB fauhed 2,340
BB daveuk300 1,420
Blinds 10/20

* Pre-Flop (30, 6 players)

2 folds, Hero calls 20, antialiazing calls 20, fauhed calls 10, daveuk300 checks

* Flop (80, 4 players)
* c2 h9 d9

fauhed checks, daveuk300 bets 80, Hero raises to 160, 1 fold, fauhed calls 160, daveuk300 folds

* Turn (480, 2 players)
* h7

fauhed bets 240,Hero raises to 480, fauhed calls 240

* River (1,440, 2 players)
* hJ

fauhed bets 720, Hero calls 720

* Final Pot: 2,880

* Hero

Hero shows
* cA hA

* fauhed shows
* c8 dT

* fauhed wins 2,880 (net +1,500)
* Hero lost 1,380
* antialiazing lost 20
* daveuk300 lost 100

Edited by BhStaljin (23 December 2009 @ 20:17 GMT)

Raise preflop!
You have the rockets and a good position too.

Multiway any flop can be dangerous, but the minraise does nothing good.

When you limp AA your asking ''Hi there, please giv me a bad beat Smile''
So raise preflop with AA.
If you slowplay AA and limp it, dont complain its your own fault.

First I have should raise preflope,which I didnt,then I must have to go all in on the flop or the turn,it like a lot of mistakes here,but I just wanted to slowplay them i and raise the river.....

You are still quite deep here. If it ends all in at the river you are either playing against bad players or are beat. Remember, aces are just one pair and have no build in guarantee to win.

never limp with AA you open the field when you do and invite others to come along for the ride.
All ways raise to get rid of the s**t hands if you get any callers you need to know where you are in the hand so letting others in for free or very cheap is a big no no.
Raising get the crap out (or should do)
You could / should have been worried about trips as you let them in cheap. If you had put him on trips would you still be in the pot?
They had come along for a reason...what do you think he's holding is some thing you need to ask your self more often.

Raise preflop (not min raise but 4 - 5x big blind) and postflop your reraises should be bigger.
Yes more players will fold more often but your big hands wil pay off more.

The internet and every alley is chock full of stories about AA being cracked because people choose to limp with them...I think this was one of the first things I learned not to do when learning holdem., That and choking the dealer with his own bowtie....but I digress...

Oh, and this too

Posted by shokaku:
You are still quite deep here. If it ends all in at the river you are either playing against bad players or are beat.

this is one thing most new players fail to notice. There is a reason people are calling your bets, and it is usually one of these two.
The turn raise, what was it for? Did you know what to do if you were reraised? ALWAYS know what to do if you get reraised, before you bet

limping with AA is some kind of suicide, all the strenght of pocket pairs like AA & KK are preflop so if u dont play preflop, you loose most of your advantage.

Never ever go broke in an unraised pot pre flop. If you choose to limp with rockets be prepared to easily fold them if they don´t improve.

mhm you must raise preflop with AA...never slow can only lost yor advantage. Disagree the next time raise. Blink

No excuse for not raising preflop, you want to isolate every time.

I have no idea what the plank who won the hand was doing calling a bet of 160 on a 992 flop with T8 but never mind.

raise pre-flop?

you make it 300 on flop and shove turn

After some time i learned one thing....
It's always better to raise with AA/KK pre-flop making everyone fold and only getting blinds then limp it and see people getting 2 pairs , sets straights or flushes and loose much.
But the worst thing is that after limp u always want to belive your great cards are still the best so you don't really care of what floop show which is the worst part.

OMG ! Where didnt you make a mistake ! Played truly terribly.

never slow play aces simple, always raise, if every1 fold you just win the blinds, better than just limping in and getting out draw with 10 8 and losing most of ya stack or even all of it Smile

AA is all in if nobody calls then its bad luck but often someone does call.
some people say rais 6 or 7 times the BB but i did that often also and when you are at a loose table your aces will get cracked.
my advise is to just shove them al in Smile lots of times when you get these kind of hands AA or KK someone else also has a pocket pair or AK Smile

It'a always dangerous slowplaying Å depends on the riske you want to take: right move is to raise preflop ( never limping ) and, if the flop is good, to go all in, as for me.
Otherwise if you want to try to catch some fishes you know sometimes you could be fished Blink

As everybody says : RAISE PREFLOP -_- why the hell all people wants to slowplay Aces and kings... that's something you should do really seldom in a specific game : when you get aces or kings in first or 2nd position in a ten players very aggressive table (there you have a good chance to get a raise behind and maybe a reraise, all you have to do then is to push...)
but plz, on a 6 players table : raise !!

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BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » AA cracked,where did I made mistake or mistakeses

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