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Isildur1 wants his money back

Not long ago, Brian Townsend got his red pro status at Full Tilt removed after that the poker site found out that he had been using a non-allowed poker program to collect hand history against Isildur1. Townsend had also shared the information he had collected using this program with Brian Hastings and Cole South. However, neither of them got any kind of penalty from Full Tilt poker. This made Isil[...]   Read more » Isildur1 wants his money back

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Isildur1 wants his money back  0   
i support you Isildur1

Indeed, Isildur1 deserve something back (and not only this stupid useless penalty for brian !)
Damn, we speak about 4 millions !

so what about all the cash he won from them will they get that back too ??

Sorry, but I find this unreal.

Yes they used the software, but that sofrware doesnt get you anything that you cant find out yourself if you want to spend the time researching it.

In the WSOP players were hiring other pros to give them an insight on how to play the other people at the table, and one players ( cant remember who it was ) brought in Phil Hellmuth to get him to advise on how best to deal with Phil Ivey...

So what was done online, is no different to what happens in live games too. The only stupid thing here was Townsend was dumb enough to openly admit what he'd done.

Whatever the situation, Isildur played the games, and he wasnt cheated out of the money. Its not like they could see his hole cards or anything, they'd simply done a bit of research on him.

So for me, this is just sour grapes..

and as a side point, I find it very difficult to sympathise with people who can blow the amounts of money that could build hospitals, pay to feed half the population of a starving country... all on a game of poker.

omg some using program some got money and some got loosing Smile and its the most growing now Full tillt site
not playing here because i loose some very strange hands here about 4 months ago
nobody will come back money for free

Isildur should get at least 1million back and Townsend, Hastings and South should be punished.
Oh, Townsend doesn't have a red name anymore. Should hurt really bad to have a white name as 99% of everybody else has.

Its irraspective of weather you can or cant get the info fcumred, they signed a contract saying they woldent and did. But rather than reserch for themselves they shared HH.
Isildur was cheated out of money its 2 Vs 1, they were as good as confering over what to do.
OK lets say its chess and a player goes to make a move but his mate butts in and says if you do that he will do this and beat you, you should do this move in stead, would you say thats fair game?
FT recongnise Brian(s) cheated and have remved his status, so they should also compensate Isildur.

I don't know if he is going to get some of the money back. Now its time to read all terms and regulations very carefully (which should have been done before start playing with any kind of real sums of money, and readen even more atentiously when playing big amounts of real money!!!) to see how to act and to know what will Isildur have right to.


Justice. Money back to Isildur1. Isn´t my favorite player but Brian and Cole broke the rules. All two can win Isildur1 without things like that.

Bye and aces for all!!


as long as the rule exist at FTP, Isildur have to get his money back....

OK so it was wrong to use the poker hand history database but to ask for your money back????? thats not very sporting of you is it?
But then i suppose its not very sporting to break the rules of a site you are a pro at.
I say give me the money and i'll use it to sustain my

I can believe that things like that could happen at this level ... I don't like tricks so ... my support is for Isildur1 too. We'll be following this story to see how it finishes.

GO Isildur! Hope u get ur money back cuz I loved to watch u play Smile

FTP keep your s**t clean and pay him back, or get ready to lose alot of customers.

It's not entirely FTP's responsibility to reimburse Isildur for the incident, it's Townsends,Hastings and South's. I see court action in the works over this one.
As for FTP (and all online sites for that matter) , they need to find better ways to monitor (and block if possible) programs that are used for unfair advantages. Penalties for being caught using these programs should be enforced to the max, regardless of who u are

Throw the Poker bible at this Monkey. Ban him from every site or send him to China. Illegal software is illegal software. Bet he's not the only either.

Unbelievable that there are idiot's that actually believe Isildur1 has no right on his money back or at least part of it, these are probably the guys that will never roll at HS poker to get cheated.

Online poker is different from live poker and should remain that way. Brians Edge here is far greater from an online game where they rattle through excessive more hands an hour.

I'm really not getting this.

Why hasn't he already got his money back? it's obvious they shared the information. FT has made one of them the scapegoat, a previous cheater, and given him a bs suspension. Who are they kidding?

Give him his money back you immoral cheating scumbags!

The sites that are selling hand histories should be had a word with, as it's very shady that they're so readily available to anyone.

If someone steal cash like them from isildur is it breaking the law?
Could he go to prison or something like that? Tongue
Would be interesting... and kinda funny ;>
Anyway Isildur1 is really slow , tooks him time to realize he want his cash back Tongue

thats why i´m not playing high limits online player without skill using programs to win .
Only in live games u can be sure that u can win with the better skill and not by beating from cheater´s or other programs

now fulltilt are in a tight spot, they tried to get away from the situation with a stupid punishment to townsend. lets see what hastings has to say after this

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