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what will happens with Oskar69 bankroll?

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if it would be me I would withdraw 45K and play with the rest 5K, have to ease my mortgage payments with that 45K Blink

Posted by Tchungpo:
Hi guys,
as you surely knows, Pokerstars break the record of the biggest online tournament of poker (yet to confirm, but, anyway, it was the biggest tournament ever).

And maybe that you know too that Oskar69 won it !
GG to him and bravo Blink

Seeing that, i was curious : i checked his stats, and it seems that its not really a good player (not to say its a bad player Tongue ) Evil ).
So, im asking myself : now that he have 50K, what will happens :

1? He stops poker, just happy to withdraw those 50K

2? He withdraw something like 3/4, keeps play poker with the last 1/4, but fast lose all his bankroll (playing just in limits where he have not enough ability) then stop poker (at high limits, maybe he keeps play 2$ sng's)

3? Again, withdraw 3/4, lose fast the last 1/4, then, he cant stop and deposit one more 1/4 of his 50K. Again, he loses... keep doing that, he finishes by lose everything

4? He withdraw nothing, plays at high limits, and finish by lose everything

5? He withdraw nothing and try some really big shot (like a 50k high roller tournament or five big 10K buy-in tournaments), lose all

6? One of the last 4 propositions, but he dont lose this time, he even win, and become pro !

You might think its a stupid poll, but i think its funny to think about it, and even more interesting to take this relfexion because Oskar69 might have been you or me : so what would YOU do in his situation!

(edit : oups, press enter by error, and as you see, proposition 6 is a lil bit not complete in the poll, but just read in the post and youll understand Tongue )

He stops poker, withdraw the 50K$ ! Blink

I think he will withdraw 4/5 of the amount won and will keep on playing with 1/5; this is waht I would do if I was in his place Blink

well it seems that oscar69 is holdin on to his money apperanly,he play mid limit omaha,unlike bummel222,who finish second,to alredy lose all the money,by playing high stakes,what a stupid man....damn

I would take out $49.900.

Here is an update : for now, Oskar69 have lost ~900$ of the initial 50K$ (playing 3/6 cashgame and making some tournaments (between 1 and 5$ buyin, mostly rebuys).
I estimate this looking his cash games and Mtt's stats.
So its a -900/week for now (if he continue like this, he is broke in more than one year ! but i dont think it will be, because, even if he dont play really well, his bankroll gestion seems correct to me... he just shouldn't play 3/6 cash game even with his bankroll since he dont have the experience level !).

Good luck to him !

I'd leave the $50k where it is and play some freerolls.

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Oskar69 : will he hold on ?

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