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ok im going to vegas 4 my first time in 39 years i need advise as what to do and what to play there i play live games here in my state once a week but never that big need advice going jan29 thru feb 7th

Ask to the administrator, he told us once that he was gone to Vegas. He might help you, but im not sure he'll answer you now (i think he is in holidays, maybe vegas again? Tongue )

have fun there ;=)

I didn't have much time there, came as a tourist, so didn't really play anything but a little bit of slots just to say "been there done that" Smile

What I found most interesting in Vegas was the whole thing they got going on. The size, the amount of people, the sounds, casinos, traffic.... it's HUUUUGE! (especially for a european)

hope you have a good time i wanna go some day Smile

I have spend 2 weeks in Vegas some years ago, playing poker for about 10 hours a day Cool
With an initial budget of $2000,- for ALL my expenses (including poker, excluding hotel), I did well; I spent my last few bucks on gifts on Dulles Airport Big Smile
With a budget like that I advice to play the low (3-6), limit Holdem games. If you like mtt's, there are nice 30 to 60 buy-in / 50 to 80 player mtts at The Orleans for example. ( ask floormanagers for more info!)
To play Pot- or No-limit you need a bigger bankroll, depending on how good you are at poker.

Enjoy yourself and good luck at the tables Spade Club Heart Diamond

gl man and play not to much on slots my favourite games are poker NL/omaha Hi and a little bit roulette.
Think the best way to win is playing poker.
I was not in vegas but i think a good time to play and make money is in the morning with drunken or tired players

it depends what games you normally play. lowest gemes are 1/2 NL anf 2/4 FL holdem. Tourneys start about from 60$. I was there 2 years ago but i dont think that has changed. I had played poker only 3 months when i went to vegas. Played 2/4 FL and one 60 tourney in Trasure Island (cheapest tourney with most chips i could find).

I can help you with some ???? if you like. Been to Vegas several times. I am origionally from the US and just recently relocated to the UK about 8 months ago.
Here are some basics ???'s
Where are you staying? (that can play a big factor)
How do you plan to get around?
Thought about food/costs? (you will spend alot more than you imagined)
Are you single or married going with family?
What do you play? Just poker? Or play other table games/slots/video poker

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