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What should I do?

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What should I do?  0   
Game:No Limit Hold'em
Pot Size:1,050
Your Stack:12,000
My Cards: A Heart 4 Spade
Board Cards: A Diamond T Spade 7 Club


I am playing at a very loose table and two other players with stacks about equal to my limp into the pot. I see a free flop from the big blind while holding A-4 off-suit, and it comes Ace high. I bet 500, and one player folds while the other raises to 1,500.

What should I do?

Fold, Call or Raise ?

Are you prepared to stack off with top pair no kicker? There are no draws out, so you are either way ahead or way behind. I fear, it will be the later one.


Well after spending some time thinking,

I've come to the conclusion that my choice would be:

fold, because I think an ace and a four hand is not strong enough to keep playing on this occasion.


Well you seems to be in the chipleading, so i dont think you have to risk your stack with a badly kicked ace... maybe if u have seen the guy make really often that kind of moves... but even there, if ur ace is good : he reraise, you call.... then come the turn : maybe he hit his set, his two pairs and you take some more chance to be fastly out of the tournament when no need to take risks !

i just would fold , A 4 is not that strong in this situation.

So difficult to answer ur question.
Next time when u ask this please gic all info, stacksizes, SNG/MTT? Bubble? ect....

Maybe the reraiser is really short and have allmost nothing left then its an insta-call.

So please giv correct info before u ask this question.

Did I read this post right????

It says on top.....Position:Late (The very first thing in this thread!!!)

Then you say....."I see a free flop from the big blind while holding A-4 off-suit,...."

If I am wrong then I need to start taking some NDB's for bingo and quit poker all together!!!!! And what do you mean by "What should I do?" You bet too much with a weak A from the BB and were about to get stomped. Aww crap!

its easy one just fall because u have second very low card and 2 card on the flop is more higher so its ace with higher one and u out of money Aww crap! Aww crap!
good luck all Tongue

Well its an instafold if you ask me.

Personally you missed the chance pre flop. A raise pre flop would have shown some strength. Then after the flop you can check/fold, check/raise and your options are far better.

By showing no strength pre flop you are not going to convince anyone that you are strong after the flop.

So, going back to the original question, its an instafold in this case. You have no idea where you are in the hand, and by merely checking pre flop and taking the free card you could have let someone in with a weak hand.

erm.... all i can say is that if your playing on ipoker DONT Blink


Easy fold, your TP low kicker is not enough to call that bet. Your first bet don´t like me, best a check.

Bye and aces for all!!

Don't risk your stack here, it is not a worthy hand at all. Also, why did you lead out? If there are some cards loose people love to play are connectors like 89. I'd say that in the flop with a medium strong hand, I bet to take it down there. But if someone has 89 here, he's not going away, so I would have checked here.

In short, fold it

I think you made a mistake by going in with a serious bet yourself first. I would have waited and see what your agressive opponent would be doing. Now, you are in for 500 with a very low kicker which will probably lose you the hand.
Be more patient, and though agresseon often enough is the key to a win, but your opponent knows that too, obiously Big Smile

In a word : you should fold.

Why on earth did you come out betting? Just check and see WHO is gonna bet, in what pos. and who calls. THEN you can decide what your next action is. ( mostly fold anyway)

I think that you should fold as you have a very weak ace and if the player with those stacks reraises then he probably has a set (T or 7), or a good A. Not worth risking it.

Posted by mrnugger:
i just would fold , A 4 is not that strong in this situation.

I would fold too

That's why i nearly never play with A4 strong... Ax with weak kicker nearly always loose if they don't catch 2nd pair and it's rlly high possiblity someone other have Aces and ofc with higher kicker.

It'a an easy fold for me; low kicker, same stack no reason to be aggressive here except position Blink I'm sure you folded and had a monster hand few minutes later Big Smile

click on the big X on the right above on the screen,

Easy fold, no raises so every high ace could have limped or 107 suited could call so obvious fold.

Posted by shokaku:
There are no draws out, so you are either way ahead or way behind. I fear, it will be the later one.

No draws on AT7r Confused

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