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Much as how I admire your thinking, and it must have been a great laydown to make under the circunmstances, I am afraid I couldnt have done it.

I could sit here and lie and tell you I would fold KK if the situation dictated it, but once i see them hole cards, theres only one thing I am gonna do, and that jam the pot as much as i can...

I did folded KK couple off times preflop, but that was allways in a SAT when i was allready safe and did not have to risk anything too a chipleader.
But cant think off folding KK preflop in any other game CASH/SNG/MTT.

Edit: I am wrong, DoNs are really foked up, did some folds with KK preflop, even AA, but DoNs are same as SATS, eevry1 gets the same.

I didn't folded this hand. Your only fear is having AA's but, what the hell, I've lost a lot of hands havings AA against KK, JJ, 22, etc ... so ... if he had aces, why aren't you going to win??

Posted by awood88:
@ Pjot
You say that you think that the limper isn't a total moron but to my mind limping with AA would be moronic. Only an idiot slow plays aces in a cash game. And then he goes all in to win 8.5 bb with a full stack (usually 50bb) Sounds like he doesn't want a call. If he had aces he'd be trying to push you in but now only QQ, KK, Ak or another AA can contemplate calling. So I think you should have called but there are many situations where folding KK is brilliant play.

I remember watching a video on youtube where a pro somehow folded KK against AA. Another guy with QQ called and lost all his chips but the funny/painful thing was a K come on the flop. I can't remember who the pros were but I'm sure someone could find it if they were bothered.

Thanks for the input. I'm starting to see the situation in a new light.

the situation was a tourney mode, im not shrot stake i have 28k , the player who go all in have 36k, blind is 500/1000. we all waiting for attempt a payed places. The tournament is 7000$ garanteed.
if i was short stake i call, if its cash game i call too, but this hand was so important. I thought there is another way for me to continue this tournament. the all in player was very very tight, he fold fold fold, and after raise, call , re-raise, he go all in. thats only can be AA or KK, or maybe QQ, i have KK so he cant have KK. This is QQ or AA for sure. QQ i thought he need just call after all of this activity. So i thought that can be only AA. Maybe i was wrong, but the situation was very expressive. I dont know ... Maybe you are all right, i was wrong... arfffffff i dont know !!! why nobody have called for i can see his cards :/// There is exist 1/1000 situation where you gonna lose with KK against AA, all informations told me i was on it, but this is KK and fold KK is so hard.
So i still dont know :/// arff Aww crap!

probly was a good fold he might of had it he might of not but one thing is for sure u were sitll in the game after that fold right? i think thats all that matters

its exactly why i have accepted to fold this hand. but i keep a bad sensation i was so sure to see his cards, but nobody call him :/// this is the other reason why i keep a bad feeling to this choice Smile
but i have keeped my chips to continue the tournament , and i won 80$. that was better of nothing Smile but it was KK and what a bad feeling is to fold KK pré-flop without to see cards of my opponent ://

the answer is very simple , you must have called , if you will wait till you have AA and he is going all in at that same moment as you have your AA then you probably will never win against this person . don't say it was a bad decision to fold with KK preflop but your excuse is bad because folding with KK just because you are afraid off your opponent is bad decision always ! at least that is my opinion .

Posted by doomdy:
Well i cant fold KK preflop in this situation, QQ no problem but KK no.
If i bust versus AK or AA or other hands well let it be but fold KK preflop in this situation no can do.


You got to play KK defo if theres 2 people in the pot already as they could have Ax each then you would be in a great position.
I've folded KK post flop but never pre flop.
But i have folded AK in the early stages of a SnG jackpot game (you need 6wins in a row for the jackpot) i was on win 3 so i played it very tight.


watch this clip and the guy with KK

Pre-flop you never fold KK or AA. Even if you think he can has AA you have to pay.

ohhh man !!! thanks you so much for this video !! i'm totally consolated Big Smile Now i know this move is possible and totally "legitime" on specify situation.
Big thanks to you SimpLe-SI Blink

I thing you guys are a bit to conservative folded king's preflop i really dont think i could do that
...and I win more often with the kings than the aces
.......on fulltilt I think i could even fold the aces (there doomed)... Aww crap!

just this was terrible mistake for u KK is the 2-nd strongest hand Thumbs Up and if u fall because all in put some player your play strategy is very poor Aww crap! Aww crap!
at this situation u must call him in over u must re rise till the all in Worship is only one way to play KK preflop he only have AK and the same Spade Club Heart Diamond ( one of it ) and hes chance have AA was really about 2 % so u loose good pot Smile
good luck next time Tongue

Posted by SimpLe-SI:

watch this clip and the guy with KK

what the hell
crazy hand......5 pockets A'S, K's and Q's unbelievable
Aww crap!

This is the video I was referring to. Great lay down preflop.

It is horrible not knowing but if I were you I'd try telling yourself you made the right move and don't beat yourself up about it. As I said before there are times when folding KK is the right move and it sounds to me as though you did right, late in the tourney near the bubble against a tight player who out stacks you.

I never fold kk pre fold in cash.. only satelits

i know what say the statistic, if i flollow the stat i call without any thinking. but if you follow the reading and specific analyse of each player you can understand when you gonna be on the bad variance of the statistic. And its exactly what is looking for on this post, my question is about the reading not about the stats. I dont saying you are wrong to take stats for reference, this is the most important in poker and you are right to keep this for base of strategy. But the reading can show us how, sometimes, the perfect move is totaly different of the move said by the stats.
So i think i was on that style of situation.

sorry for my bad english Big Smile Confused

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I'm certaily not a pro player but i was in the same situation yesterday :
on a tournament 1 got KK preflop on my BB
My stack : about 10 000
The chip : about 15 000
First i have raised at 5000try to get a bigger pot
Everyone fold exept the chipleader who call all in
So i called all in too
Showdown : the chip had 6 6 and he got another 6 on the board

Nothing for me -> bye bye tournament Tongue

It's a very unusual move to fold KK preflop, especially online where You do not have many chances of getting a read. But if You are almost sure that Your oponent is holding AA then it is a very good laydown.

Folding good hands is one the skills that only the best players have. Since You do not know how many people might call in the end, laying down kings in this situation can be right, because if You find Yourself in a multi-way pot You have a hard time finding out if Your overpair is good to win the hand. With the huge amount of action You already got in this hand I think folding is an option !

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