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hello every1,

how did we all do last night? hope you won!!
well i did pretty good on double your money $5 10 seater, won 5 out of 5
but the thing is it are they really worth it heres why>>>>>>>>

i entered a $5 double your money plus the 50 cents add on total $5.50 in pounds this is £3.44
i won so i get back double my buy in $10 in pounds this is £6.26

my total profit $4.50 in pounds this is £2.82

i do it pounds now

this is how i think............. i risk £3.44 to to win a £2.82 thats doesnt look right or sound right!!!!
i feel am still losing even after i won 5 out 5 Confused

im a betting man too and the odds on this are less than 4/7 that is very poor bad odds

does any1 understand where im coming from grinding away hard winning
seeing it from my point of veiw

would like you hear from my fellow BRM members what do you think?

i feel it not worth putting on £3.44 to win £2.82 is what im trying to say!!!!!!!!

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Dont get ya Confused

But win 3 outoff 5 or more and u make profit Thumbs Up

Sure, the less rake the better. But you will struggle to find games with less than 10% rake at these stakes. and as long as you win 100% of them...

Less rake: Stars and Cake have turbo DoNs for 4% rake and regular are not 10% but 8%.
When ur a winning player at DoNs i dont think this is diffirent on turbo ones, it all comes down to good ICM imo.

Posted by doomdy:
Less rake: Stars and Cake have turbo DoNs for 4% rake and regular are not 10% but 8%.
When ur a winning player at DoNs i dont think this is diffirent on turbo ones, it all comes down to good ICM imo.

yes indeed less rake the better, thats what i think is taking a chunk out of my winnings,
these sites with a 50 cents rake from $5 buyin from each player are making a killing good business,
but bad for the customers Agree

Well i played 8,000 games $10 + $1 DoNs at PKR if it was $10 + $0,80 my profit was $1,600 higher if it was turbo $10 + $0,40 my profit was $3,200 higher so do the calculations Agree

Rake is a killer at these levels thats for sure...
Nothing to say really it seems you are not getting back what you expect to but thats how it go's.
Winning 5 of 5 is a good result for you Thumbs Up
How far up the stakes do you need to go befor the rake is a little better? i dont know.

Really the biggest winners at any sng are the site, but thats never gona change and why should it!

thanks Smile

when i won my first game, i didnt look at my balance,
i only looked at my balance in the middle of my last game and thought to my self that looks wrong,
should that be more Tongue

but obviously it was right,
but like you said i won 5 out of 5 thats a good result Thumbs Up
thats a record for me
Worship Worship

I personally feel like the only double or nothing tournies that are worth it are the heads up because you have the same odds as the ten player table but you just hae to take one guy out easyyy.

nice result winning 5 out of 5.
rake takes a big part of that winnings but nothing you can doexcept moving to a room with lesser rake. if you have less win% then you r in a tight spot cos of it

The maths are indeed totally against playing DONs as a means of building a bnkroll.

To return a profit you have to win 2 out of every 3 you play. If you win 2 out of 4 you actually are losing money. They call them double or nothings, but if you win only half your games you lose over the long term.

if you are playing 3 games and win two, at $5 stakes, then you pay $16.50 to win $20. meaning a return of $3.50 in profit. $16.50 to win $3.50 is actually pathetically low odds.

Thats why I only play them occasionally because to make a profit is alot of time and effort for little or no reward.

The best SNGs for returning a good profit are the satellites on FTP for things like the Double Deuce or the Daily dollar.

In the case of the daily dollar sats, it costs you 30 cents to enter. If you play 3 and only manage to cash in one you still return a profit.

I have to agree DoNs are a littl ''gay'' Agree
But for rookie poker players a great way to learn the game. As a rookie if ur slightly loose then with DoNs ur bankroll is losing very very slow, as playing regulars ur bankroll will fall down much faster.
But other way around is also true, when ur a winning SNG player ur bankroll grows faster playein regulars versus DoNs. Still DoNs are a great way to learn poker with minimum risk.

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