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how lucky are you somethimes, your all time luck stoy haha

yesterday i was playing a micro sng 18 turbo 1.75
i was on the last 3 and lost a almost all in hand,
i had basicly 15 to call, with the blinds 100/200(25 antes?)
i get cheap cards but got lucky,
all in again, and again and again

i won 6 ALLIN'S IN A ROW i was soo amazingly amazed

i never had that kind of luck haha (came out 3rd in the sng) but hea, that was a very big luck there,,

now yor story

i was playing a 30 seat $1 tourney i double up to 3000 chips but then the next hand lost most of it,
was left with 90 chips i grinded away up 600 chips, picked up aces three people call i won,
cut a long storey short, i ended up winning the tourney Smile

the guy who nearly knocked me out finished 2nd i got my own back on him,
but he said he has never seen a player come back from that amount of chips b4 to win
but funny thing was that i had a feeling i was gonna win it when i was on the final table
all my cards was hitting amazing game this happend on vc poker 3 days ago
i was gonna write a post about but never did untill i seen your ,

oh by the way 6 all in must be a record Smile

I played once a turbo MTT at everest, 2-3 hours I was playing just the good hands and eon almost every hand. I had the whole tourney an average stake, at the final table I did not have any good hands at first and folded like 50 hands neding up in being the one with the smallest stack. But than I got back within 4 hands (kicked out 3 players) I almost won in a row I was chipleader with just 6 other players left. End of the story was my first won tournament and $700 more in my pocket Big Smile

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » how lucky

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