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Was it possible to play better?

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Ur down too 9BB/10BB sometin like that?
Then its shove or fold so if u play this hand (which isnot really bad cos its suited connectors) then shove it baby Thumbs Up

Your hand was crap, but you got focused on the pot size and decided to put a little amount (1bb) compared with what you could win. At this time, seeing a flop like that, noone remembers there can be someone at the table with 99's. Eventhough, the right way to play would be all-in, even that some others say that you should go try to rob more. It would always be difficult to let that go. Thats why the best play would be fold pre-flop. That is the disadvantage of trying to play with low cards.

First of all i'd like to apologize for my english Big Smile
You wrote that 5 players was on table.
After u raise, u get 1 raise and 2 calls + you called preflop.
So if you were 1st to raise that mean u go from the position with need really strong hand, and 43 suited or not is very weak hand!!!
The best play was to fold and be happy with decision, becouse u only judge your move when u see your hand prefolp in this situation.
Best of all with yout poker in future

Posted by awood88:

The pot must actually be 42K assuming the small blind is one of the callers (that's 3x 12K plus your bb) otherwise it's 45K with the small blind folded.

No, it was 48k. You forgot about ante.

Okay. Thank you for all your opinions.


I think they could have played better this hand,

but in a tournament final tables are very strange things happen,

and the best in these cases is to stay calm and hope that you get a good hand to bend.


Posted by Rainman:
I played tournament in PokerStars, there was left 10 persons in total and 5 at my table. I post bb. My cards - 3s4s. There was 1bb raise and 2 calls. Pot was 48000 and I had post 1 bb for call, so I call. Flop - 9d4d4h. I bet 2 bb, one fold, one call and raise 3 bb - I call, other person fold. Turn - 3h. I bet little less than 2bb and go all-in. Opponent call. Showdown - opponent 9h9c. River - Qc. I was eliminated.

I did run into it too Sad

Nothing to do, just bad luck man.
I think it's well played, taht's my opinion.

like many others already said - at that stage of tourney when you're short-stacked it's either push or fold... personally I'd fold - there was a raise and callers already, so no good for a shove

Looks like you should have folded to me too.
Those 4's on the flop were lucky, the 9 trips as well for the other guy, but just don't get in to this kind of situation with rags such as 34, suited or not.

always possible to play better especially if u got really good cards into yours hand and play clever u can easy won a lot Smile
good luck all Tongue

Yeah you should have dumpped it if you was faced with a raise.

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