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Need paypal. Paying through Pokerstars.  0   
Hey i need some paypal money and have some in pokerstars so here is the deal.
I give you 10$ on Pokerstars and you give me 10$ on paypal.
to transfer we will seat on a 1$/2$ Fixed limit table and I will fold all hands.
I will go first to trusted members.

You should use player transfer. Your plan is called chipdumping. It doesn't matter If you have a deal with the other guy, it's still against the rules. Worst case is that your and other guys account will be closed permanently. So use the player transfer.

can i have the source of that please?

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Those are the rules of all poker sites.
"Chipdumping" can get you banned permanently.
Try the player transfer, like partydude87 says. Blink

can you define what chipdumping is?

Posted by Emanu:
can you define what chipdumping is?

It's when you intentionally pass chips to another player so for example the first player raises from 20 to 600, the second player goes all in for 650 and the first player folds. The second player picks up 600 chips no risk in a clear case of bad practice. This usually goes on in tourneys where two players are working in cohesion. When one player is low on chips, the other transfers chips over. Working together they have twice the chance to win hands. This gives them an unfair advantage over other players and is bad for rep of the poker room.

In your case I'm assuming you would be the only players at the table so it's hard to see why the poker room would object. Since they would charge you a rake they would actually benefit without cost to any of their other customers. However it would be better for you just to transfer money as suggested above.

It is perfectly within the rules to transfer money to another player if the money is not restricted (part of a no deposit bonus for example). Since you cannot cash the money out to paypal yourself I suspect this is the case. In which case chip dumping on a cash table would lose the site the bonus money they gave you and the rake they would get from the lost play. This is against the rules and if caught both players would likely be banned.

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So your saying I shouldn't do this? Because I used transferring like 3 times and once pokerstars retained the money. So it is safer if we "play" at a fixed or no limit HU because the risk is about zero if paying rake.

Also transferring now as payment.

In the worst case you will get banned on pokerstars for chipdumping, so its better you just use the player transfer. Smile Be carefull, its really not worth it to lose your PS account, just because of 10$.

wtf........................ Confused

who give the money first thats the question and can you trust them,
also transfer the money on poker would be a easyer soultion Smile
but why dont you withdraw the poker money into your bank then despoit it back into paypay,

would be a lot easyer would only take 3 working days to do, no messing about looking 4 some1 to trust but the big question is can they trust you...... Confused

i smell a rat in this deals always some one try to pull the wool over peoples eyes...
but sorry im not falling for this con........

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

oh just a thought what do you mean by............I will go first to trusted members
im i trusted member?, who and what is one of them?????....................

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