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Ouch $2 rebuy mtt satellite .... only around 14 players .... had one rebuy so in total cost me $4.20 ... a little crazy for first hour but then it was a rebuy but after a lot of hard work good play and some speculative play i made it to heads up had a nice chip lead when we had only 3 left but on the hand to get heads up both limp into pot i raise with a Ace high next first to act calls and second to act reraise all in ..... he was the short stack so this was ok i call and the other player calls ..... flop comes i bet a nice 4 times big blind bet on K high board and it gets called turn comes and i check as i am pretty sure im behind as the other player is in no position chip wise to be calling with nothing he pushes and i fold .... he shows A,K and wins the hand and knocks the short stack out ...... heads up now and even stack wise .... couple of hands later im chip leader ... in fact i have double what he has ... and then disaster .... he limps i raise big (i play my good hands strong , im agg heads up ) he goes all in .... i call with A,Q he shows A,K (he dosent raise just seems to limp all the time .... he limped in for the hand when we were down to 3 with A,K too ) flop comes Q,K and his A,K goes on to win .... now he has double me in chips ..... i win next pot with a raise when i get a ace ... then a couple of hands later he calls the blind and i raise big with K,Q and he reraises me all in and i call he has K,K and he wins .......... first place $60 satellite token second place NOTHING ...... NOTHING but a pain in the head .......... its hard playing well and ending up with nothing ..... only consolation is playing well and making it to heads up after a tough game ..... i played some hands well and won ... that i shouldnt have won ... one such hand i liked was this one
have 10 , K flop comes 7hearst Jspades 4spades ... first to act checks ... i bet 1600 (blinds 200 400 have nearly 17,000chips other player 15,000 chips)... he calls and i know he has some thing .... turn comes Aspades he checks so i check ...... i have nothing so not betting and i know he has something but dont believe its a flush ....... river comes Qdiamonds giving me a straight .... he now bets 4160 i feel pretty sure my straight is good so i call ... dont reraise as he might have flush .... he turns over trip 4s and my straight wins ........ i won this hand because i put a believable bet on flop to see where i was and even though he knew he was ahead he probably put me on flush draw and when flush comes i get a free card .....
as for the river and his bet ..... you have to call you cant fold thinking he trapped you with a flush .... i was nearly 100% sure he didnt have one ... he didnt bet flop he didnt bet river .... just didnt play like a flush .... any maybe if i play this tourney again i might win Aww crap! Aww crap!

quick response....when you write please use sentences and paragraphs, its both really hard to read the way you have spaced it and also offputting as it looks like a lot to read.

just a tip, but anyway feel bit bad for your tourney too

good luck on the next one

I think ... you could make it easier to read ..... but is just my opinnion .... I can't read more than 2 lines .... good luck ....

Aaaarrggg, This one hurts... my eyes !! Sad Sad

Yeah, since for many people English is not first language, its not always easy to understand what people means...
but here, its really hard. Maybe recreate this thread with more organisation.

Cant read it ...
its weird.. Cool

erm.... from what i can make out you played you big hand strong you say,
heads up he prob got a read on you every time you raise
so he knew you had a big hand so you should of mixed it up,
and prob slow played you big hands some times to trap him

just a thought Big Smile

oh by the way nice tittle this one hurts (our eyes that is)

hahahaha hurth you mean hurt Tongue

he he he no you can feel my pain it helps ........ ah a good nights sleep and the pain is gone ........ after that there was more .... but that was yesterday lets see what to day brings ........

then i wish you good luck for today then my friend Smile

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