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will you give all of your mob points to help the hati charity

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Hati donations  +12   
hi all

ive just donated all of my mob points to the support charities working within Hati on here,
so all them silly post and polls i did come to somethink usefull after all,

took me a few months to get them i hope all the money goes to help them

oh bye the way why dont you do the same, at least if you do you have helped a worthy charity,
you will feel better for it, and it will only take a month or so to get them back Big Smile

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Nice of you to donate $15 - thanks Smile

Good Job Thumbs Up
Yes i am in, wish i had more points.....

The minimum donation is 100 points, I've already donated 400 ($4) and every 100 points I get, instant donation.

My country is also vulnerable to earthquakes, although my region is not as problematic as in the southwest coast it would afect me much, so we may need someone to do the same in the future. Hope not.

its i think all users must donate not big but must donate maybe one only minimum 100 points over maybe 2500 or 10000 points its just falling they hearts must be.
we have 182000 users so if all give 100 points we will have 182 000 bucks so if some give more we will have about 200000 bucks so it really big sum Worship
so all donate because we must help go and donate only 100 its just one day posting work at the BRm be with yours heart and with all Haiti people who needs help just go and help them
good luck all Worship

I already have donated some of my mob points, and i am thinking in donating more, but first i would like to reach the 5,000 mob points. Hope BRM maintain this charity process during a while more, so that i can contribute some more times.

just gave up 100 points of my 400 points
and I do feel good about it
nice move to all of you charity points giver Worship Thumbs Up

I made my all in already for 46 $ (it was a long work on bankrollmob ^^ but i'm really happy to give this money, since i dont really need of it ! I have a house, something to eat everyday, there is no twisters or earthquake in Belgium, i have the luck to make study and... poker works good for me)
1 more $ come soon !

I already sent my donation by bank, so I am one of the no-voters. To me BRM-points are part of my pokerstack and keep it seperate from everything else.
But I give a big Thumbs Up to all that donated their points. Worship

well done to every1 who has donated Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
respect to you all Thumbs Up

Posted by Joe_Average:
I already sent my donation by bank, so I am one of the no-voters. To me BRM-points are part of my pokerstack and keep it seperate from everything else.
But I give a big Thumbs Up to all that donated their points. Worship

Thats well done too Blink

respect for people who care about human suffer and not only money are important to them but also some other reasons in life Smile take care!

I'll probably donate some, but certainly not all, because I like to keep poker stuff and bankroll matter (and this is included in that) separated from other things and expenses.
I have already donated via several Belgian aid organisation, even more than I could really spare, so the next month will be very slow on playing poker.
I think giving up most of my ONLY pass-time is a sufficient gesture and contribution.

If i win the mob draw i will but this is RRRRRIIIIIGGGEEEEEEDDDDD Aww crap! so i ll never win

that s why i made a donation of my own Smile

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Going to donate some points, and if it sets my plans back 2 or 3 weeks, so be it.

WTF, so many people voting no. The sad thing about this is that I believe it.

Come on. Think about it. Be a bit more human, please.

Wow! Great initiative Smile Worship

i would donate some, should my points reach the minimum... darn, i shoulndt have cahed out all my brm points... now im left with a lil.. hope brm would extend this... Aww crap!

its a good feeling to give though i dont have enough points to give,.. ill try to earn some points 'til the 22nd of feb so that i can give.. to you guys who have plenty of points to spare now is your time... to people like me who doesnt have enough; lets try to earn until the 22nd of feb... Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship

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Posted by xpok3rkingx:
i donated my 100,000 points

Don´t talk s**t in serious issues...
Are u sure u haven´t donated your brain...?

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