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I have a problem that I have reported to support almost a week ago, and according to BRM I would get a confirmation email within 72 hours..

Well its almost a week, and despite sending messages and emails I am getting n response or even an aknowledgement.

Its important because $50 got paid to the wrong Moneybookers account when it should have gone to me, and now I cant seem to get hold of anyone in support to sort it out...

Theres never anyeone there on live support and the emails never get replied to...

Great customer service skills... I must take lessons...

Here, hit the report button on my reply post below and it will get some attention

I guess this wouldn't have happened if you wrote the correct e-mail address to cashout to Blink

Never the less, it has happened and I see the e-mail has been forwarded to our payment team, but I have no idea what must be done when the money has been transferred to a wrong address or if there's even anything to be done. I'm afraid you will just have to wait for them to process it and get back to you.

I did actually give hte right email address. Just the same as I did when I requested cashouts previously..

And even if I had made a msitake, that still doesnt justify ignoring emails and not replying to messages.

Given that you are aware of what happened, then its obvious that you know about it, so how about a bit of common courtesy and actually replying when people email you or send a message instead of just leaving them in limbo...

Its not the fact that the money has gone missing, its the fact that no one can even be bothered to respond when I ask about it.. Thats whats really annoyed me..

Since your e-mail has entered our support system, an "your email has been received" mail has also been sent - maybe it went into your spam folder?

As you might have been able to tell from my previous post, the email has been forwarded to our payment team and has been so because I (as I wrote) doesn't have a clue on what moneybookers does when money are transferred to the wrong account, our support team doesn't process payments either. Your request is beyound the norms of a support request.

Also, our system doesn't automatically insert an "i" in front of the e-mail address when being entered, so I'm afraid you must have hit the wrong button or pasted it wrong or something.

I'm sorry that our support team didn't e-mail you to let you know your e-mail has been forwarded. I'll let them know.

Edit: The e-mail address is not the same as the previous once though. In your e-mails you write (first) that it has a "/" in front (the wrong one), in the next email you write "i" in front. I can see in the system that it is in fact the one with "i" that has been entered. But the correct address you specify in the emails are also different from the address you previously used for moneybookers cashouts.

so has some1 has got a free 50 dollars then hmmmmmmmmm......... wunder if they give it back Confused

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