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do you swallow ( cum that its )

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best wank ever  +2   
hi there ive quit poker for good now this will be the best and last post ever,
ive blown my bankroll again, and went for a wank (ful of stress) and was the best ever,
lose your banroll and have a wank over is the best way to beat a bad beat and beats any tilt room ahhhhhhh i feel better now but fook poker been there b4 i know am not good f**k it il try somefink different got the t shirt and that ,
so i see you all in the the next porno film Smile good bye for ever bankrollmob members

oh b4 i go heres the last f**ked up poll i do as well

here is what i wanked to **REMOVED**

Edited by Administrator (29 January 2010 @ 12:30 GMT)

wow dont hold back now

I cried, wp gg.

Another wanker quits poker - can't be all bad.

Jokes Smile

GL in what ever you decide your next hobby is going to be, aside from self pleasuring.

"try playing lower stakes and the bad beats wont hurt so much ,
plus it wont hurt you bankroll either " good advice but , where did u went wrong ?:-j




Not everyone can be good at poker, how would anyone turn a profit otherwise.

I have to admit this made me chuckle.

Of all the completely pointless, and worthless polls I've seen on BRM this one tops the lot.

And you'll be back playing poker again.. Everyone says they are giving up.. no one ever does.

Great ''Donutra'' style thread Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Your too stupid to quit and you probably won't succeed as a "cum sucker" either. But I am glad to see the dumb polls are finally cumming to an end

By the way, thanks for the money a*****e Blink

My guess is you went on tilt after losing a big and went to higher limits and lost your roll. I'll probably give a few more weeks before you come back. It's good to learn from your mistakes, espeically bankroll management because i know i have ><

What We should make a category for people quitting poker...and for when they start again so many weeks later... Smile

Thanks for the link... more than we needed to know.. lol Cool

Posted by doomdy:
Great ''Donutra'' style thread Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

good one
Thumbs Up some kind like dunotra

just try too play some low stakes and didn't play so dumb just only must play more clever game

so good luck all Tongue

I'm gonna let you off with a warning, because it's friday. Otherwise I would have given you a ban for posting porn (against our rules) and for a really weird poll.

Don't do it again.

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