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i am playing sit and go in everest
These are my last sit and go ( eiger 6 players)
i believe that i am very unlucky
Tournament 212 (2th place)
6-3 in chips
All in preflop
Ak vs a9, board 9295k
Alter aj vs q9, 83TJ4

Tournament xxx win

Tournament 402 (2th place)
1-1 in chips
k6 vs 86, 526, raise ½ stack, turn 7, all in, river 9

Tournament 884 (4th place)
1000 chips
Ak vs jj, turn K, river J

Tournament xxx win

Tournament 081 (5th place)
1200 chips
85 vs k7
flop 854 turn k , all in , river 4

Tournament 180 (2th place)
7 - 2 chips . All in preflop Q9 vs J8, board 83783
5 a 4 chios, All in preflop 8K vs J9, board 429A6

Tournament 434 (3th place)
A4 s vs AK, bad bluff

Tournament 204 (3th place)
QQ vs Qd9, raise, 964d, all in, river Ad

Tournament xxx win

I don't call that bad beats, just variance and poor play.

Posted by Joe_Average:
I don't call that bad beats, just variance and poor play.

OUCH! poor play Hmmm year he's right poor some of the hands.
Dont give up on poker just give up playing crap.

Variaaaaaaaaaaaaaance I say Blink!

And btw - 2nd place makes money aswell. You cant expect to win HU always with better starting hands.Me and i think others aswell will play whole single table tight until the money and heads up, then the game always gets loose and agressive.

i dont believe poor play, my ROI in sit and go is 38% (search in sharkscope seba-billy).

nice results man in SC, i dont get why are you complaining Smile. Uve gone up nicely, have you thought about going up on stakes?

hang in there it will come good 1 day Big Smile

well, that could be some bad beat, but just dust yourself off and continue to play poker, it can't be bad all the time. Blink Loses are always more painful than wins bring joy.

I don't see the point in complaining about getting a respectable finish (but not first place) in some tourneys. I have to say that a few of those aren't really bad beats, but rather lost races ...

Purely variance, methinks

And if you're not happy with Everest, move to another room! That's what I did!!


Variance, variance and more variance. That happens. All are the situations you search, no matters is you lose. Keep playing like this and money come back to you.

Bye and aces for all!!

don't think you are unlucky, thats just variance
you can't expect to win every hand you go allin and you can't make any conclusions based on such few games.
if you are winning player then u r doing nothin wrng, just keep doin the same

look on your crap starthands and stop talk that bad beats look under p***********g under my name there is funny71 all hands played on pokerstars.every day 100 of bad beats there. i have quit online poker.all sites are rigged.

not bad play just not very good cards come and easy win over not u hope in future luck will be with u and u easy overtake yours opponents and claim 1-st place
good luck all Tongue

that s not bad beat! that s custom when u play those crappy hands

not quite bad beats. So I think you should try to play less hands and not go all in preflop so fast.. Aww crap!

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