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Is it better to bluff amatures that only call with great hands and play tight against good poker players that know how to bluff or is it better the other way around just in general I know it depends on many situations i am just asking in general. Blink


In my opinion. If you don´t have a HUD and many lots of hands of players, the best you can do is learn SSS or BSS and play 'ABC Poker' becoming a TAG player. Leave bluffs and other things until you really known the player (it means more than 300 hands in your HUD).

Bye and good luck!! (Un Saludo pa Argentina!!!)

If you are sure your opponent is a very tight amateur, you can bluff him a little more often then a tight experienced plyer. An experienced player might see what you are doing and bluff you back.
As you said, in general. But most important is not too bluff too often, like 1 time in 5 rounds or less, in general again Smile

I agree. Dont bluff too much. Never bluff a donk!! Evil

For a bluff you need to have a good read on your opponent and be sure hes willing to lay hands down or just cant call it. Try some semi-bluffs or try to steal small pots where you recognize nobody is really interested in them.

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Most amateurs(newbies) are poor players. Bluffing is generally not good against them due to a number of reasons. Better to play your hands more aggressively at them and push them into mistakes. Bluffing in general is best done when u only use it occasionally. Too much bluffing will cripple your bankroll.

Impossible to turn into a good player in such a way that we did not play more hundred thousand hands in the course of more thousand clocks.
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Big Smile

I dont understand you tothd... And how Everest poker is connected to the best poker strategy? Smile

i dont think poker could be played just strategically... you got to have some lick... Agree

The more hands you play, the more you start recognizing similiar patterns recurring (if yuo pay attention to your table) - i.e. u recognize which players will call PSB's to the river with flopped mid pair and which you can bluff cuz they play weak.

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