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They have NL5 rush tables as well, but I preferred NL10. Found that too manypeople wanted to play the flop @NL5, making it difficult to get the right odds with anything except a top 10 starting hand, that often was outdrawn by the river making for bigger losses in the long run. At least @ NL10, I've been running even, with the generated rake being my profit.

I didn't recieve it I think, do you have to do something special?
Played 30 mins after it came online.

I have played that bonus, it,s easy to get it, just play Nl 10 and don't lose everythink. Bonus is 5 bucks I guess

I asked ft support and they reply with this email (sorry if incorrect but I translated with google translator):

"Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.

To qualify for the $ 5 bonus players must earn 10 points Full Tilt Poker tables Rush on time from the pop-up. Full Tilt Points (FTPS) are accumulating reward points every time he plays with real money. Earn 1 point for every dollar produced in a game of real money up to 3 points for every hand.

Full Tilt Poker bonus offers often to different groups of players of varying importance. Please keep in mind that can 'receive your offer at any time.

When a new bonus offer becomes available for you, Full Tilt Poker will send an e-mail to let me know. Can 'also check your current bonus offers by logging into your account and select Request Full Tilt Poker and then clicking on Check my bonus offer.

Thank you for playing at Full Tilt Poker. Please contact us if you have other questions.


Full Tilt Poker Support "

I didn't receive any pop up or email for this bonus but I was credited $5 the same Smile Smile

so I suggest to have a try
buying in with $5 in the worst case you will be breakeven and with some FP more than the start Blink

Posted by shaded:
Yep 5$ bonus when u earn 10 FTP but 5$ is nothing if u are playing rush poker...its quite an bait Tongue

yes i agree with u its just 5 $ its just one game and u not have them so its really low bonus so for me not try to claim it Smile

en you know already a rush poker cash bonus? if yes pla tell it to me to i realy wanna know to man rush poker is the best man Big Smile Big Smile Cool

Hmm I dont have in FTP much money 10dollars left .. and one day they offered my that bonus I have not played so if I will play know I will still get it or no it's one day bonus?

I lost $4 in 14 seconds on one hand, QQ, and didn't make it to the next table (thatr was my minimum buy-in).
So those $5...???? I could lose them in about 14 seconds as well, I guess. Big Smile

I tried playing this before and i lost some money since the odds of winning is very low even with a good. most player tend to play tight on this game. also i haven't received any bonus. is this still available?

en you know alread
y any cool rush bonuses? if
yes pls pla tel me y
ou will
be m
y hero Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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