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Yesterday evening i didn't know what to play, and i tried a 3$ sattellite to the Suday Quarter million in PokerStars. I qualified with not too much trouble. The main game was already on for about 5 minutes when i got my seat. I played for 6 hours the best poker i've ever played, it was amazing, i coulodn't believe how well everything was going. There were more than 36000 players, and finished 61. I cashed for 290.44$.
The reason a tell this is, because i've never liked that big tournaments, with that much players, but i don't know how i made it that far.
It's not my biggest cash, but it was my best play.
Just wanted to share it! Club

great result ... its a bit off putting alright when there is that many players in a tourney, but 61 is a fantastic result ....... and at least the prize you won was worth the effort ...... also 36000 down to 61 in 6 hours is quite good ..... you would expect it to take longer ....... well hope the money grows for you

Great Job Thumbs Up Wow 36,000 runners hate that Agree

Great result. You were inspirated. Nice prize that you earned. Congrats

Good for you congratz.
Getting a PB is very important for your game.
Keep up the great play. Thumbs Up

Very well done Tongue Too bad you didn't make it to the top 10, because they probably won thousands of dollars, didn't they? I still want to play on such a big tourney one day!

Congatulations! Smile

I finished 1st for the first time in a 5000 player tourney last weekend, unfortunately only $75.
I am building up to these big tourneys and hope to be able to do the same as you in some of those soon.

Nice.... Blink

thank you very much, everybody.
And yes, the first place was 30,000$

yea well done m8 thats good stuff
PS how many suckouts did u get along the way Blink Worship

well done coming 61st out of 36000 players (me too hate them big tournaments, don't have patience/time to play them)
and that too when you know you won because you played well and not by getting lucky.

not bad man but you can even better if u try harder im sure man just keep playing poker gettin better en better more better u are more money u win Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Blink Cool

congratulations,that's a pretty good job.
36000 pl, too much for me...



good job! im a mtt player myself, i hit the final table quite alot, biggest win for about 4000$, but i really hate playing and finishing 18th, 19th, them 2 place i have came hundereds of times, but when i do win big in mtt i usually just blow it all in omaha Aww crap!

Yee good job, i like tourneys also but i just dont have time to play em Sad one day when i become poker pro and play poker for living ill probably play them :]]

Hello everybody!
You played well is clear. Even if it's a pity to do this if eliminated near the end of the tournament. You will have been won much more.
Coming very soon, new post lol! Smile


Congratulations to is great result....beating 36000 players is not a small thing...

Keep up like that maybe tournaments are your kind of things....

See ya and good luck on the tables....

61. out of 36.000 is really nice.
What is really bad about that giant tournaments is the pay-out structure. I think they should pay less players out so the people itm will get more for it.

Mostly i hate it when i play for 1$ for about 4 hours to get 3,26 back. The pay oiut is too early in that case and the steps (11 cent more for the next one...) are ridic.

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