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FULL TILT, so many bad beats? or Am I so bad player?(pics)  0   
Okey.. some time ago I post here that I got so many bad beats in full tilt. and this is so sick.And it continues.. I have played now a month and no results(use bankrollmanagement and everything, my usual VPI is above 20 and PRF is about 10 and agf is about 40. I just decided to show you my sessions bad beats and how they go, to ask you help, whats wrong in my game?? or just full tilt is so sick place?

RESULTS: okey.. todays session, I played 15 sng, total buy in about 25 and won 4,50 it means that I lost 13 games and won 1. some of these are multi table(18, 27 and 45 players) time: start 10.14 end 12.15

tourney 1 - final table big rise on preflop and all in on flop
tourney2- final table and all in preflop
tourney4 - had bb and no rises I check, hit two pair on flop and I went all in
tourney5- called min rise preflop and went all in on flop (not so good play)
tourney6 - made big rise preflop and went all in postflop
tourney7- first hand in tourney.. called all in preflop(was a lil bit tilt already)
tourney8 - all in on flop
tourney9 - preflop big rise, flop rise and turn all in
tourney10 - big rise preflop.. all in on flop
tourney11 - got an rise preflop made rerise and flop went all in
tourney12 all in preflop
tourney13 - made big rise preflop all in on flop
tourney14 - called 2xbb rise preflop and checked on flop, he bets ia called, turn he checked I bet and river all in

What I do wron.. or this is normal? It happened me all the time :S

well its looks like k 2 is a good hand on that site which never seems to lose (take the hint) Blink

I don't know whether your play is too passive or not but you may find softer competion at European sites. There are people who claim they have won money elsewhere but lost their winnings playing at FTP.

Woww there realy are some bad beats there Tongue But I think you should stop this session as fast as you can. Sometimes you just realy are unlucky but the next day the luck might be back.


i feel sorry for you...

one word : RIGGED !! Tongue

you don't play bad... very very unlucky !!

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Posted by Avalonn:
Woww there realy are some bad beats there Tongue But I think you should stop this session as fast as you can. Sometimes you just realy are unlucky but the next day the luck might be back.

Lol, what a fantastic badbeat collage Big Smile I liked specially beaten aces Aww crap! Don't worry, in most of them, in my humble opinion, you played well. Bad luck. I'm sure you can post a similar collage when you win a badbeat Blink We only remember when we lose ...

"Lol, what a fantastic badbeat collage..."
"Woww there realy are some bad beats there Tongue ..."
Yeah, definitely Big Smile So I just can say that FTP deserve his name Smile "Tilt" They get people to crazy so easily with those foolish boards Big Smile (especially turn and river) I sad once, and now say 2nd time: the whole programmer should be fire Smile I also can make these "perfect" rng's just in some minutes with pascal Big Smile Big Smile

Looks bad all right maybe you should try a different site and see do you get the same level of bad beats and if not dont go back ........... we all get bad beats but to see one after another like that is crazy ..... i would hate to on the receiving end of all those if it was one game after another

wow nice collection Tongue
i think its just bad players getting lucky and hitting their outers.
its too small sample size to make any conclusion, maybe its just a bad streak and your luck will improve in future or maybe your table image is pretty bad that people don't fold their weak hands

damn that was a fairly bad beat...maybe the player thaught you were bluffing or you got 1 low pair...

anyways goot call for him, or allin Smile

sucky for you though Sad

Standard. Just yesterday I decided not to play anymore for a few months since I got enough money to get myself a nice present. But I saw I had enough academy points for a $26 token, so I said ok, letś try it (it's waaaaay out of my BR).
So I go for a 90-man SNG, I fold the first 15 or so hands, and I get AA. I open raise 3x in late pos, CO and SB call.
flop is 679 rainbow, kinda drawy. I bet 2/3 pot. CO folds, SB minraises, but I saw him make weird moves, so I ship. He flips 9Q.

Of couse, river is a Q

the worst thing is the guy started berating me for the bad play, what an ass

when i started playing the micro limits at full tilt i thought they sucked huge balls people shoving all in pre flop with J7 just because its suited and then crack your aces. but you cant take it personaly you need a bigger sample size of games. if you keep playing your premium hands against all the crap you get from the players there your gonna come out on top in the end just stick at it and always try to look back over your hands see if you could have played them any differently find leaks that will probably help you the most.

And @ teteban: all you can do in a situation like that is laugh lol sometimes the poker gods just hate you Big Smile

Posted by hotchip:
And @ teteban: all you can do in a situation like that is laugh lol sometimes the poker gods just hate you Big Smile

Oh, yeah, I know. And this one, I had to look it up, worse (although this guy didn't play it that bad)

10NL cash game
I get a free play in the BB, a 4-way limped pot, with 2cKc
flop is Ac10c5c

I flop the nuts and not only that but I note that I have blockers to a lot of straight flushes. I don know why I thought that, but I did. So you know what happened. I get it in against Qc8c and turn-river is 9cJc. I had to close the tables because I couldn't think straight

wow thats horrible thats all i can say lol horrible

Hi Chrystyna.

All hands seems good played (except the Jx, maybe), that means you are in a down. Reason? Variance, of course. Don´t worry, continue playing this way. Think that 15 is a little number of SnG.

Bye and better luck next time.

This is the best comics I've ever seen! Cool These magic K 2 and then rockets getting busted all the time.
I lol'd so hard. Big Smile

Just take a brake from poker. You're playing well but as long as you'll be tilted becouse this downswing you'll be making bad decisions and therefore you won't play your regular (correct) poker.

Thanks for you replies. I am going to play another session tomorrow and put here tomorrows bad beats. I have tought many times to start blog where to put all my sessions like that.. cous its so crazy whats going on..
but okey.. will see whats happening tomorrow

You'll probably find an even higher amount of donkeys and maniacs @ FTP right now with all the bonus' and Rush poker going on at the same time. I've noticed an increase over the usual over the last 2 weeks.

OK my observation...Its too eairly for all ins.
OK yer some BBs, but in early stage you dont know much about any of the players, and to get an all in you cant be getting good odds, or giving.(for hand 6+)
But can understand. or see reason on some.
H1 I TPTK not worth big bets.
H2 you dont have a made hand?
h3 BB
h4 could U not get him off his draw? UL bigger bets?
h5 What can you do UL
h6 to eairly for AI but can see reason big bets need on flop bigger on turn.
H 7 TPTK is not all in.
H8 needs a HH
9 unlucky
10 too early for all in, donks will play (asumption)
11, your bad.
12 AI pre = OK post well he got good odds.
13 I hope you did not let him see river. AI b4? Unlucky BB

Hop im not critasizing too much, but am only looking for your possable misstakes not looking too much at them.
Possable errors, but hard to judge without HH, players involved and when the money went in etc.
Best of luck too you.

yea m8 unlucky but i know what u mean i dont play fulltilt much because anytime i do i get donked to death. one hand the other night there was 2 guys at my table playing all sorts of crap hands and getting lucky i waited for a decent hand to go all in with as i knew 1 would call i got AQ thought thats good enough as i had seen them call with A2 and all sorts of crap so i went all in 1 of them calls with 56 off for half of his chips and he gets 2 pair. had another guy in another tourny 1st hand all in with 99 early pos i call with As and guess what the As are murdered. i had loads of these bad beats im not going back sticking to Pstars much better, u still get bad beats but i think the players on Pstars are better and it dont make me feel sick getting a bad beat from a decent hand than complete donk stuff anyway gl Thumbs Up

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