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Posted by chrystyna:
Okey.. some time ago I post here that I got so many bad beats in full tilt. and this is so sick.And it continues.. I have played now a month and no results(use bankrollmanagement and everything, my usual VPI is above 20 and PRF is about 10 and agf is about 40. I just decided to show you my sessions bad beats and how they go, to ask you help, whats wrong in my game?? or just full tilt is so sick place?

RESULTS: okey.. todays session, I played 15 sng, total buy in about 25 and won 4,50 it means that I lost 13 games and won 1. some of these are multi table(18, 27 and 45 players) time: start 10.14 end 12.15

tourney 1 - final table big rise on preflop and all in on flop
tourney2- final table and all in preflop
tourney4 - had bb and no rises I check, hit two pair on flop and I went all in
tourney5- called min rise preflop and went all in on flop (not so good play)
tourney6 - made big rise preflop and went all in postflop
tourney7- first hand in tourney.. called all in preflop(was a lil bit tilt already)
tourney8 - all in on flop
tourney9 - preflop big rise, flop rise and turn all in
tourney10 - big rise preflop.. all in on flop
tourney11 - got an rise preflop made rerise and flop went all in
tourney12 all in preflop
tourney13 - made big rise preflop all in on flop
tourney14 - called 2xbb rise preflop and checked on flop, he bets ia called, turn he checked I bet and river all in

What I do wron.. or this is normal? It happened me all the time :S

just a bad run, sometimes tossing big hands when your in a rutt is good, theres always another hand, if that was all in 1 day lot of bad hands got you, suks when that happens, good luck in the future

full tilt is just fantastico (Y) havent played for a week cos so many bad beats and now decided to try one heads up tourney.

dealt KK and opponent rises and I make RERISE and he calls flop was J2Q he bets I rised and he push all in I call

He has J2 Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!


played another 4 sng-s more.. and lost ofcourse.. one was heads up had K7 and flop was K7A I bet he rise.. then both went all in.. and he has K9 and next card was 9 Thumbs Up
another tourney..I had QQ made big rise before flop.. and flop was J55 then I push all in, havent got much chips left anh he calls with J6 Confused and next card was J Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

like WTF????? I am pretty sure that I am gonna finish with FTP, the sickest site I have ever played!

Edited by chrystyna (13 March 2010 @ 17:42 GMT)

u r correct i have played at full tilt a fair bit and they is a beat, not a bad beat once in evry 10 hands . What happens is u will flop top 2 pair and someone flops a set and u both all in then he hits the full house. It just gives so much action and many a time i had nut flush aginst fh . The hands u have shown aint bad beats they like 70/30 hands. plus we dont know if u played them b4 or after the flop. In my view u do not know what bad beat means. I admit u were ahead but not greatly ahead. Analyze your game and remebera pair aint the nuts, when u have a flush and u are getting beat by full houses and straight flush then u can call it a bad beat. I think on ft u have to play the software as well as the player and it can be a bit annoying. My advice is dont bet all in pre flop. See a flop and if u only have top pair dont play it like u have the nuts

I wrote how I played these hands.. and this is not smt like oo i have an aces and lets go all in.. I use pokertracker as well to maximaze my edge. But nothing..
Is it wrong play if I hited two pair and push all in.. if I know that, this kind of players calls my rises with J6 and if he hits his 6 and if it is even a lowest pair on the table he calls my rises?

Found this:

what you think?

if u think the site is rigged why play they.if u know 4 sure and u still play they then that makes u a mug in my book. No offence but u have been online searching is full tilt rigged, u have found a web site which is written by a bunch of more than likely loser. If poker was rigged then why do peole still playon this site when they is over 20 other big sites. I think u need to remebed that the poker game does not revove around u. If u play poker in the real world u will find that the best starting hand would only win 20 per cent of the time if no one folded. And this is why u are having these beats because 70 per cent of the players are retarded at this level. If u are a good player i would advise u to move up levels and then u will not get so many bad calls against u and will see less beats Worship

i just looked at how u played them. the reson u losing so much is cause u go all in way 2 much

wow i never see this number of bad beat in 15 tournament wow that is so sick hope your bad beat stop soon and you go back to the top of your game Big Smile Big Smile

@chrystyna have you looked at any response?
Now you picked out all the losing hands, will you post some hands were you won when you should not have?
God just must hate you.

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