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Yet again party poker's $3000 weekly freeroll special came to an abrupt halt yesterday after 40,000 players were whittled down to just over 500.players were asked to wait for over 7 hours while pp tried BUT failed to fix the problem which seems to happen on a regular basis on there huge field freerolls.A party poker spokesperson says no player left in the tournament at the time of the breakdown will get a payout as the tournament was free to enter.I for one am disgusted at this lack of respect for all the remaining players who had a shot at winning but walked away feeling let down,angry and frustrated.PP need to fix up quickly as they are in danger of losing trust,punters,and business due to there failure's to keep games running and punters happy.

THATS JUST IT PP only have a lot of players cosue of there freerolls you 45 ,000 people were online when that freeroll started meaning well 5000 people are te only real players but then you have to think about 1000 for the 5000 might of juts been unlucky and not able to get in

I dont think they are in much danger of loosing trust but still its huge deal and somehting should be done aabout it..but im guesing its allready being done.

In my opinion their answer keep no respect at all for all players involved in the tournament who lost their free time playing.

some days ago I receiced this email from cakepoker:

"Dear xxxxxx,
As you know we had a network outage on Friday February 26th that was the result of our hosting provider losing power. We appreciate your understanding as we dealt with this issue. Because of the inconvenience we have credited your account with $50 in pending bonus which will be valid for 3 months. We have also extended Gold Spree until Monday March 1st at 11:59pm GMT.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Cake Poker Support Team"

Well, on 26th of february I wasn't connected when it happened and I didn't try to connect so I didn't ever know about the problem with cake but they issued me with a $50 bonus to clear in 3 months.
these is what I call an excellent customer service.

Party could at least give a bonus or a token to people involved in the bug cause those people invest their money and their time on PP.
If I were one of them I shouldn't be happy to be dealt this way

I too think it is very wrong of party poker and very disrespectful. It's not about the money so much but those players must have spent hours playing to get down to the last 500. The hours are hardly worth the money in freerolls anyway but to not even get the satisfaction of winning is horrible. Won't effect party poker in the slightest but it is very bad ethics. It wouldn't cost them anything more than they were already giving to arrange a new tourney for the remaining players.

yea m8 that shady i would be well pissed after playing for ages then it just stops as said above u would think u would at least get a tourny for the 500 left Thumbs Down

Well I would be angry if it happened to me. Last sunday the same thing happened to me last Sunday evening, Pokerspace hosted tourney. I was very mad and I lost PS-points I had wagered and they did not refund me.

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