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How many Royal Flushes did you have in your life?

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Royal Flush  0   
Wow, this just happened to me:

That's like the 2nd Royal Flush in my life or so Tongue How many did you had?

None tho im playing poker since november so

Tho i had few straight flushes but thats it

Gonna trow a party when i get first royal flush :d

i had not also straight flush !
no way !
i play poker for 3 years

3. And i made the same poll 2 weeks ago! Club

Playing since October 09...
No straight flushes yet... Sad

well done Thumbs Up

I think I've had 4 myself from what I remember but they're not all that special. You don't tend to win much chips with them cos everyone else puts you on a nut flush. I've seen one a lot more times than that but I think I've had quite a high proportion of them considering there are usually nine or ten players on a table and I've seen nowhere near 40 of them.

I've seen way too many straight flushes to even give you an idea. I've been playing about four years now. Not quite a lifetime of playing but longer than many here.

well done getting your second royal flush.
i'm still to have one in real money but came close few times.
but i don't play much cos of my job and i don't play a lot of hands too

I get royal flush twice in 2 years and when I get it, I earn just few blinds Disagree Big Smile

1 in real-life, and 1 in on-line poker.

I get in my life - play just online poker this time - 4 Royal flush Smile But my opponents paid out me only one time, but even that one time was not "double my stack" Sad

never got one if I've stayed in...

Kinda sad.. Tongue

have 3 times as i remember and really then have it i was lucky because win a lot off Smile
so also about 5 times see it then play with over peoples so about 10 royal flushes in just about 1 year its really not so big time Smile

good luck all Tongue

Hmm flat callin 3 bet out of postion with A10s, lucky u hit best flop possible, but in end vnh,

believe i've had it three times in my 3 poker playing years. Once in a cash game and twice in sng's.
Payed very well all times

LOL, royal flush and still "straatarm" Big Smile (nickname(straatarm) is dutch for "totaly broke!" )...prrrretty funny I think!
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

One... It's gooooooooooood

PokerStars Partie #40622253257 : Tournoi #248944090, 1.00 $+0.20 $ USD Hold'em No Limit - Niveau VI (100/200) - 03/03/2010 17:45:55 ET
Table '248944090 1' 9-max Siège #8 est au bouton.
Siège 6 : 200477mh (3725 en jetons)
Siège 7 : xavpel (5440 en jetons)
Siège 8 : m~nightlady (4335 en jetons)
200477mh : met la petite blind. 100
xavpel : met la grosse blind. 200
Distribuées xavpel [2c Ac]
m~nightlady : se couche.
200477mh : suit. 100
xavpel : parole
*** FLOP *** [Qc Kc Tc]
200477mh : parole
xavpel : parole
*** TOURNANT *** [Qc Kc Tc] Jack of clubs
200477mh : mise. 200
xavpel : suit. 200
*** RIVIÈRE *** [Qc Kc Tc Jc] 7 of hearts
200477mh : mise. 200
xavpel : relance 800 à 1000
200477mh : suit. 800
*** ABATTAGE ***
xavpel : montre [2c Ac] (une flush royale)
200477mh : cache la main perdante.
xavpel a remporté 2800 lors du pot .
*** SYNTHÈSE ***
Pot total 2800 | Commission 0
Tableau [Qc Kc Tc Jc 7h]
Siège 6 : 200477mh (petite blind) a caché la main perdante. [9h 4c]
Siège 7 : xavpel (grosse blind) a montré [2c Ac] et a gagné (2800) avec une flush royale
Siège 8 : m~nightlady (bouton) s'est couché. avant Flop (n'a pas misé Blink
Cool Cool Cool

After six years playing for real, i am still waiting for my first Royal Straight Flush to happen. Once i would have done one if i had entered at the hand, but i just didnt trusted the hand Q10 spades i had with low stack.

I play poker about 3 years and i never got royal flush lol.. only straight flush a few times.

here's a pic of a recent one of mine.. Unfortunately playing micro stakes mucking around whilst waiting for a MTT to start Sad

I've had 4 RF's online plus a few straight flushes.. Yesterday I signed up to Celeb Poker and got Quads 4 times during the night and saw 3 other quads that weren't mine..

I've had two regular (non-royal) SF's in live poker also.

Attached Imagesrf.jpg

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