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I press "request" and see  -2   
I press "request" and see

"Unfortunately, some of offers are limited to a selected group of countries only. This is not something we always decide, so there's not much to do about it really.

If you find a bonus you would like but cannot request it because of your country of residence, the best thing to do is simply try to find a bonus that your country is allowed to signup with. "

Is any way to get free bonus? If no=> Why are you didn' t warn abaut before, and why I must to waste my time???

It says in our terms & conditions in section 3, which you accept upon account creation:

Also, bankrollmob is not just about free no deposit bonuses. In case you didn't notice, we have lots of (no deposit) bonuses for casino as well, and great deposit bonuses for poker. And, this very forum.

Posted by bri1liant:

Is any way to get free bonus? If no=> Why are you didn' t warn abaut before, and why I must to waste my time???

oh my god... the arrogance!

Rules are here for fools to read them and wise to know them without reading.
Kidding, think I picked up that somewhere. May i suggest to Belarus that there could still be some sites where you could play freeroll tournaments and win money while learning to play against mixed quality of players it is a great school. And after a while it will get worth it.

Predobar Aww crap!

I know that this is an old thread ,but when I read this I was laughing my butt off. Things dont always go well when on a computer. I have wasted my time alot online, just goes with the territory.

lol is that guy for real? " why wasnt i warned about not being able to recieve the bonus and i wasted my time " that is unbelieveable . So basically your just here to get some free and easy cash and not participate in the forum or the site when most of us know its a great site with great features and not just here to be abused for free poker money? i bet every person here as been refused for a bankroll at one time or another you just have to deal with it.. you just cant expect the BRM to deposit cash for you just cause you requested a free bankroll... thats life, you cant always have what you want lol Big Smile

lol..yeah. There should be a note :'' You will waste your tome if you are not from country listed bellow. Big Smile

BankrollMob Forum » » I press "request" and see

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