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Hey all !
Some weeks ago, i told you i had reached the upper limit (i started play 6$ sng's). here is the link :

Many told me i was taking risk with bankroll managment and sure they were telling the truth Blink .
So let's see what happened : I reached 320$ as a maximum and then Lady Variance hits me (damn bitch Tongue )! so my bankroll fastly goes under 250. But there, listening to all your good tips and reading some internet articles over variance, i just stopped 6$ sng's (i was just playing sometime as shots). I was really effraid of this downswing. Even with 2$ sng's, it was hard : my bankroll kept on going down : 210$ Sad And that's where i made my biggest mistake : reading an article about Super turbo sng's (3 min blinds, 300 starting chips !) : it was saying that you can be a winning player with a 5-6% ROI, but you need to massivly multitable. I tried this s**t (buy 1.65$) : after a big unlucky session of 20 of those sng's, i just finished with a 150$ bankroll (Jesus !).
Then i was needing some money so i just withdrew 70 $ : my bankroll was 80$. I started to grind again 2$ sng's (im now doing 9 plyrs sng's !). I hardly reached 100$ then was break even for a long time.
After this i had a good upswing and reached 150$ (it was a combo of rush poker and 9 players sng's + a 50$ bonus on full tilt). I then started to play some MTT's (mostly 3.3$ 90players KO sng's where i had already made some good results) and it was some kind of good idea since my bankroll is now 307 $ (one 1st place and one 2nd place) thx to Lady Variance (its always cool when some 50/50 wins and when all your 75/25 works too^^).
Here you can see my sharkscope graph.

For now, i think ill keep on grinding '2.25$ 9plyrs turbo sng's' (less variance)+ '3.3 $ 90 plyrs sng's' and when i reach 400 ill try to play 6$ sng's again

So what to think about this story :
- Worship Worship bankroll managment is one of the key to be a winning player : what would have happened if i had just continue to play 6$ sng's ? i would have been surely broke right now !
- Super Turbo sng's : sure you can be a winning player at those sng's, but the variance is so high (since its only push or fold) that you must have a really big bankroll (i think that at least 200-300 buy in is okay) and you must be really patient (with 5% roi, mass sng's are needed to see some results).
-We generally see variance as a bad thing, but remember variance can be negative or positive (for example on my graph : you see the last rush : i think i played a good enough poker, but without some luck, i can't be 1st at a tournament)

Hope you enjoy the story, but more important : i hope you can learn from this story.
Do not hesitate to criticize this story : tell me if i made some mistakes, If you see something to improve Blink
Share your own story if you want too.
And thx for all of those who gave me good tips in my previous thread, it helped me to keep my head cool during the bad period

GL to all

PS : About my graph, the story start at 250$ profit (since i withdrew 250$ then restarted with 50$) where i was grinding 2.25$ sng's + MTT's. I started to play 6$ sng's at approximatly 450$ profit

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Nice thread. I´ll finish read it other day Blink

Nice story and congratulations for your results; noe you know what to do nest time Lady Variance will try to beat down you again Blink

Nice graph.

The only way is up, baby. Big Smile

Continue the good work. Thumbs Up

Posted by jporp:
Nice thread. I'll finish read it other day Blink

I thought the same Blink

nice graph!

well played keep it up Smile


Good graph, up up up, nice rocket at the end Cool

nice graph man for me gravity is a bitch lolz always stay on the ground (joking) and whats the title of your book called? anyway nice tread nice roll and well done

Winning players make also profit on speed ones, but true bigger variance, basicly ICM strikes in a lot sooner, have a solid bankroll and multi like hell and you do fine, more important is, do you want massiv multi speed ones? Its very stressfull and you can easily make mistakes. Last months end i had to multi the 6handed $30 speed SNG for my reload, did 4 tables multi for couple off hours and did totally crush them on a sample size of only 50 or sometin. Offcourse i was excited but it cud have been easily other way arround losing a couple off $100.

Anyway great job, now dont cashout and grow more Smile

Hi Tchungpo.

Variance is a fuckin´ joke.. You aren´t winner in SuperTurbo Sng? Are all full of fish, really full of fish (most than in any other kind of SnG) Is maybe the easy mode to win a few $ (a few, if you play + 14+1 no fishes in tables Smile ).

Bye and good luck!!

Hehe, Super turbo are not easy indeed, and ICM so important !
I think i can be a winning player at those sng's, but i'm a lil bit feared that it will not really improves my poker skills (since you only learn to push xD ).
@Doomdy : about the mulitabling : yes, dont worry i multitable them : made 12 tables but that's the way i lost near 50 $ in one session Tongue
I think that if i try to win money by playing super turbo i would give me an objective like 1000 sng's in one week and see what ROI i get Blink
Hehe and now im decided to see the magic 1000$ number in my bankroll, so i wont yet withdraw Smile
Lets grow grow grow !

Bankroll update : 316$ after grinding some 2$ sng's. This is a really good period for me : near each time i push and im up against my opponent (mean over 55% chance to win), well i win .

Hello everybody!
we overstated. The most important thing is how to bankroll manager. Finally must still play properly lol
See you soon for new posts lol! Smile Cool

Great story.
I can see you have been up against it defo on your down swing..... Sad
But you look solid player so no reason why you shouldn't make your $1000 bankroll.
Good move to move back down to lower limits as it could have wiped you out at $6.......
Good luck mate. Blink

You got a very loose bankrollmanagement there, as most people say you should have at least 50 Buy-Ins to go up in the limits. But that's an individual thing...
Downswing shouldn't hurt to much if you keep that in mind... although it is always very annoying.

But good luck with coming back again!

Thanks for the post! Smile
It's been difficult to stick to my bankrollmanagement without trying the higher limits to speed things up.
I've stayed with my limits, after going from $50 to $6, and built back up to $60+ on $1 S&G's.
It's hard to stay at this limit, but trying $2 S&G's has been nagative because I worry about the bankroll too much... "scared money" it's called.
So a couple more days/weeks at $1 and I'll move to $2.
This post kind of helps to remind me why I do it.
Thanks again! Blink

nice hope to have this discipline soon Tongue Tongue im gonna try your way soon hope that will worth it for me too Big Smile Big Smile

Keep up the good work.. Big Smile

really i nice graph i want it too !
watch mine:

i'm really really the worst player of this forum xD
Ehy is there someone to teach me ?

Posted by darthtony:
really i nice graph i want it too !
watch mine:

i'm really really the worst player of this forum xD
Ehy is there someone to teach me ?

Haha yeah indeed its not that good Tongue I would be you, i would stick to 0.3 cent sng's first, then you can train massivly and upgrade your game. Once you feel really an improvment and your bankroll is good enough (or you just made a deposit), just grind 1$. Good luck at you : everybody is a losing player at start, no way. What's nice in poker is to feel the improvment !

@Smds : yeah, as i said, i've seen i made a bad BRmanagment, but i knew i had to stop if the upswing stopped ^^

By the way : i started to play seriously cash game at rush poker and im starting to feel the way to play it. Need yet to play more hands to know where i stand, but i think i understand how it works now. Its a very interesting way to play poker because you play mass hands in no time and thats good to unlock a bonus too Blink

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