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Do you always tilt the little bit left?

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thats very nice work...
Youre right the most people lose all that small money....
Nice comeback Thumbs Up

The best comeback of my pokering days was 2 weeks ago, i was in a free roll tourney 236 poker players start, things are going well and I'm winning, I have a look at the chip leader and I'm in 3rd position to him(this was early on in the tourney still 200 +left in). The thing about me is and i know its silly but when i get allot of chips i will play cocky and throw chips in the table, after playing like this my chips started dwindling rapidly so i have a word with my self and get my head back into the game.

It was to late, I wasn't getting any cards and i was nearly out of chips, 25 players left and i was bottom with only 2x the big blind 2000 being the big blind, The big blind is coming to me next and I'm hoping to have at least a K,Q or Q,J just so i can go all in with a chance to double up, and what do i get dealt?, a friggin 9,6 off suit, by this time i know I'm out so i goes all in.

3 people call, 12,000 potentially coming to me if i hit a miracle flop, The flop turns k,7,8 my sphincter starts to prick up, I'm getting exited, maybe I'm not out, 4th street -A- now I'm screaming for a 10 or a 5 to come, I'm willing it to happen the river turns 5 Blink I'm back in this game i have 6X the big blind and my head is clear, I end up winning the tourney and having just over 500,000 chips and a nice pot to the value of $13 lol, i didn't care, i came back from the dead to win my first ever free roll tourney so i was well happy. Big Smile

cogratulations on you first freeroll win. anytime you are under 10x BB you have to play like that, and just hope you hit as you did. otherwise the blinds and antes at that point will eat you up.

great comeback,yeah when you getting caned this tends to happen,ive done it myself many times,lost a few times to $0,but also gone on a rush and won it all crazy game sometimes Smile

I dont like playing BSS at the moment I just play SSS. So I got no clue to Tilt.

ya I see people throw in that last little bit all the time. I always see if I can made a comeback though.. and I've done it quite a few times. so don't give up.. you're not out till you're out! Blink

Best comeback? Definetly only a short time ago. I tried to play as low as 25c/50c NLH again with a BR of 150 at Titan poker( deposit). Yes , I know that this is not good BR management, but Im quite good.

Couldnt play the 50 $ tables any more,got used to higher limits unfortunately. Bad players, bad calls, not possible to isolate players often enough, just couldnt read the game. I was pissed, but not tilting.

My BR went down to 23$.

Sat down at a 0.50/c1$ NLH table with it.

Left with 375$ ( highest amount there: 425$).
Totally dominated the next cash games.

5 days of playing, average 3-4 hours: up to 1328$. If you dont believe me: I can post the hands.

Yes, I guess thats my biggest comeback.
23$ to 1328$ only through cashgames.
Although I normally start playing with a bigger roll, it was a highlight to me. I didnt tilt so far, and -except for two cases- always made the correct laydowns/hero calls.

Unfortunately I dont have that much time at the moment due to the university, but this weekend ill have some time.
But hej, even a downswing to 200 wouldnt make me cry Smile. Although I doubt its gonna happen.

A few days ago I was playing with $3 I got free on some site. I wasn't realy going to play seriously with it. So I went all in on BJ a few bets.

$3 -> $6
$6 -> $12
$12 -> $24
$24 -> $44 (bet $20 or something)

But then started losing it all Blink Luck doesn't last too long Tongue

nice upswing but i think that is quite lucky because i guess that you won many coinflips and maybe outdraw few times? but gg and keep up the good work mate.and macgyver dont buy scratch tickets

Yes, I experienced something like that also.. It's a great feeling to be back in business Big Smile Ppl mostly call you anyway cuz they don't respect your stack anymore.. just to get you out ..

Posted by Mosqiddo:
Yes, I experienced something like that also.. It's a great feeling to be back in business Big Smile Ppl mostly call you anyway cuz they don't respect your stack anymore.. just to get you out ..

This is how the smallstack or halfstack players make there money. Getting called lightly. But actually it is just stupid to try to "get someone out" at a cah game. That person can rebuy!

This is only the example of luck. Playing 25$ with 26.86 bankroll is sick. Nevertheless I had a downswing to somewhat $3 and then it growed up to $400 and then I managed to lose it all. So the morale is clear... You managed to avoid busting this time but this doesn't mean anything. Anyway grats Smile

I need a 3rd option in this poll.

I would either quit or reload.. I would never play with $1.86 in NL25

If i start lose a couple hands there is a great feature in online poker called sit out Big Smile
I usually sit out for a couple hands
Then i come back and tries again
Always nice with a break

i would quit to. But one time i made a extreme comeback. played 1/2 started with $100 and lost a big pot that left me with something like 2,50. I doubled up hand after, trippled the one after that, then i slowed down and left with over $400.
One time i played 0.10/0,20 started with $5 and left with over $500 but i sat there for about 30 hours Confused So who says you cant win big with a minimal stack Smile

Posted by Firekin:
I would say Im in between - Take last nights $1000 Freeroll on PartyPoker.

Blinds are 100/200

Im sitting with 2500'ish chips

I got A, A

Player 1,2 got blinds
Player 3 calls
Player 4 bets 300
Player 5-7 folds
Player 8 calls
Player 9 fold
Me, raise to 900
Everyone folds but Player 4 and 8
Player 4 raises with all in - 1500
Player 8 calls - and is left with 300
I go all in - 2500
Player 8 calls

Now I dont remember the exacte flop, turn and river, but I end up with house but loose to player 8 who hits a higher house.

Tough luck...

Player 4 leaves the table, and im left with 700 - blinds are 100/200 still

Next hand I get A,10 of hearts and throws it all in the pot - 1 calls and my suited A, 10 loose to J, 8 off suit -

So to follow up on the question at hand - Do I 1shot leftovers... if I have the cards and less than 5 BBs, ill go all in on the best chance

I've played a tourney b4 where all I had left was like 200chips and blinds 200/400. I came back and got 17th place out of 10000ppl. Big Smile

Impressive, I would like to try that some day ... hate getting sucked out on and then losing the rest because people call with rags - cause you can't scare them off.

Posted by mylatbm:
I need a 3rd option in this poll.

I would either quit or reload.. I would never play with $1.86 in NL25

yeah exactly!
If you think you got an edge on the players at the table you want to have as much money on the table as you can so that when you outplay them you do it for the maximum Dollar Dollar Dollar .
However, if you don't think you have any edge in the game then you should just leave it!

But if I have to wait 1 hand before my reload is there I play tight because everyone expects you to just put it in with any 2.
doing exactly that in that situation is just -EV


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