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do you think you are gonna knock me out for$5

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Ok, I'll do that. witeq88 is the name Cool

i dont play at noble poker, but nice of you to make this freeroll more interesting by putting a bounty on ur head Thumbs Up
though think most people wont like to reveal their nicknames here.
any update who won it / or didnt

I will knock you out! Big Smile
Nickname is Hellrazor86

Posted by dozn01:
the tourney reg is now open ive just signed in hope you have Big Smile

hmmm theres 50 people registerd for the tourney but only 10 players here have took my offer up,

remember if you want a extra $5 by knocking me out put ya name down here on this post ,
other wise i wont pay you out if you knock me out Blink

its very interesting how u feel today and enybody knock u ?
can u write here ? or u just to sad now and forgot this page and this deal ? Big Smile
i never play at thispoker site so i dont have play in sunday and also not knock u easy Big Smile

good luck all Tongue

still waiting for news Big Smile

Well that s very nice so i am in ! Kyrsha025 will give it a try , see ya at the table Blink Aww crap!

I would like to have followed game, sorry i missed it. How did things went for you dozn01? If you won the tourney this poll should be saved for the history of online poker, that would have been the best prediction ever, better than Nostradamus.

well the tourney starts tonite at 8.00pm......

most people misunderstud and thought the tourney started that nite
only the registration started yesterday...........
hope every ready for the big tourney bring your A game Tongue

the reason i want people to put there username down or put your name down on this post,
is because this bonus i am giving out is to the people who come to this site every day,
and make threads and reads them.

some people here, well members just get there NDB and never come back to the forum and just start playing the freerolls ing games, never bother about the rest........

so this is the bonus for all you lot who make this site one of the best Worship Worship Worship

so get ya name down if you can join the freeroll other wise,
if you knock me out you wont get the cash Dollar Dollar Dollar

brzydal83 will see

I´m in ! My NoblePoker account is fforodiSSS Thumbs Up

I'll try it mate! Smile
My nick there's pinheiro17204! Cool

the cut off tourney has more names...........will not count now good luck all

im in too ! Lets get started, the table just opened !!!
( oh, OK 1 minute to go )

GL All !

nah... seems i have just been about 0.1552 seconds too late with my post

I can't find dozn01 in the players! Shock Smile

wow, this is awesome for someone to post a bounty on his head, sure brings a lot of action to the game. Too bad I don't have a noble account therefor won't be participating. Disagree

this game is too easy ... just busted kingbeton with 99 vs QQ all in pre flop 9 on flop Big Smile

You just lost to marek something... hmmm what happend? did you get tired of playing?? Cool

yeah got busted finshed 157 nearly half the players where sitting out.......
was way too boring,
would of been better playing on a table with players who wanted to knock me out,

i checked the list and he wasnt on it so next week im putting my bounty up to $10,

i do another post later on,
give all the players alot more time,
i just dont see the point on signing up to the tourney only to be sitting out

I were sitting at the table.. but did not get the hand to do it!! Ok then.. i will sign up for the hunt for next week again then Blink

Posted by dozn01:
hi all the tourney registration starts at 20.00 in 6 hours

who ever knocks me out of this tourney i will send them $5 into there account on noble poker

so lets see you all there mobsters Smile

i will make the transfer out my own money at the end of the tourney Smile

also put your name down below then i know that your in,
if your name is not below b4 the tourney starts and you knock me out,
you wont get the money so sign up and let me know your in

many thanks mobsters Smile
my username is dozn01 remember to yours down

i thought the tourney was cancelled according to the admistrator, i may be wrong, might be another site with the proble,s, good luck all


I think i witnessed so many bad-beats suckouts and unbelivable rivers in this tournament as i have seen in my whole previous poker career Big Smile

oh and did i forget to mention i was busted with AK vs A5 ... A on river all in and 5 on turn Tongue 18 place 1,81 € woohoo

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