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I play multitable (7 à 10) on blinds 0,02/0,05. In 6 table I get KK and I am just playing for 20 minutes. Go all in with it on preflop.
How is it possible that I always lose with it against a 3 of a kind or flush or straight.
This is going for like 5 days in a row now.
Other times I don't get a call and when i get a call is a bad beat.
I know it can happend in poker but on 6 table getting dealt with KK in a time span of 20 min for 5 days in a row? Is this a losing streak or a set up!
Thus this happen to any one too?

No not that much... maybe you are just very unlucky at the moment?
Have you tried a different game ... how about snakes and
No sorry thats not very helpfull now is it.... Aww crap!
Why dont you try not going all in as soon as you get KK. Blink It might be hard but KK isnt a given that you will win the pot! (i'm sure you know that already) slow playing KK isnt the answer either as you can loose just as much slow playing KK as going all in every time.
Just put out a good size bet to state your intention on the pot. if others come with you and theres no A on the flop give it another nice size bet to clear the field and again state your intention of taking down the pot.
If you still have caller then you might have to adjust, look at the board ... is there any thing that could bite you in the arse? flush / straight / any info as to weather they like playing small pocket pairs? / do they like to flat call trips? i suppose multi tabling is not helping your game as you dont have the time to evaluate the opponents as much as you should.
Why not play 4 tables at a time and keep good notes at the same time?
Dont over play KK and you'll be laugthing Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Thumbs Up

well said good advise xxxbchxxx Thumbs Up

Posted by dozn01:
well said good advise xxxbchxxx Thumbs Up

Thanks big man Blink

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