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should dunotra be give one more final chance?

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Well done admin, you must ban these persons, because they intoxicate this forum with their bad ideas. This not healthy for the communication on this forum. Blink

Posted by Administrator:
He was banned for violating our forum rules - and for doing it again in one of the first (if not the first) post after returning from his ban. A complete lack of respect of the rules and he sometimes went too far in his racism posts. That's not what we're here for and he was told so several times, but apparently he didn't wanted to back down with his racism.

Rule are rules .
We all have to adhear to them if we want to stay an active member on this forum. Thumbs Up

Still miss him..,

Posted by intentcity4:
Posted by mazas:
he really breaking rules so much have several chances but break again sio he never stop from doing it so he never be singned here again Smile
only if he change his internet ip adress Smile

good luck all Tongue

changing his IP wouldnt work, we would work out who he was by his style of posting lol.

he would need to change his IQ as well, just kidding paul lol, i know your around. Blink


Worship Worship Worship


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I'd give him another chance but would also create a betting game related about when he would violate rules another time Smile

Posted by magatt966:
I'd give him another chance but would also create a betting game related about when he would violate rules another time Smile

lmao u r a betting man Tongue

Well, there was this one time and bandcamp....
In short I think it was the art pics he posted, it was unfutunate the art happend to be on the lady lips.

LOL, this is kinda like fee Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately he lost many chances but I liked him, except his racism of course. If he really wanted to come back here, he should respect rules. By the way I hope sooner or later to read ( or to watch ) something by him again

Posted by dozn01:
i think he had his last chances Big Smile

but you can only ask......................

Yeah, he had lots of chances!!!

he had is last chance racism is a big problem in the wolrd we dont need to get more in a forum that talk about poker... even if it was just joke about that stop racism

Some rules are meant to be followed. Racist point of views are 1 of them. If we were to let Dunotra now, We would have to let Brian York continue to be a member. That is something I don't need to have around.

Posted by Flippedchips:
is this the guy who was a good laugh? if so yea i want him back Smile

yes he is great poster but very dumb

so we never see him at this site because this ban is forever for him Smile

good luck all and never brake rules Smile

I don't know who he is, but he sounds lots of fun!! Smile
Love people which minds and brain comes from another planet, and have no idea how they're are behaving. Lots of fun!! Sleepy

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BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » why was dunotra banned?

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