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Posted by JeVoOOo:
Although there's not much meat to this part, it's still got me hooked. It is missing a long word though Sad

Try not to use any of the bad beats, as most of them in these forums are just played really bad Blink

I know what you mean about part 4 not having much meat. It's mainly cos the challenge I set myself was actually pretty difficult and quite restrictive. I'll see if anyone can see it before I tell you what it was. In part 5 I will likely progress the story more.
The reason there's no long word is cos no one gave me any so I'll probably hold off the next part til I get a few more word challenges. I must admit I was hoping for some more responses whether they be good or bad. But as long as someone wants to read more I'll keep writing.

Thanks for the input guys. More parts coming soon. I hope.

good work on part 4 Thumbs Up

here a word for you ................doznotmatter Blink

i had forgot about this story its looking good and i def seen a little flipped chip this time Big Smile my word is not big but it should spice up this story its dildo Big Smile

Hey awood, great work. I'm very interested to hear more. The story is great. Very descriptive about that gold chip.. almost too much.. but suspect it was for a reason.

Sorry it's been quite a while since the last part. But I've made up for it as this is quite a long part. So much so that I've split it into two so you can read individually or together. Since there hasn't been any interesting hand histories posted this week it's unlikely i'll include a hand from the forum in part 6 but I'll keep looking.

Ps. Apologies for the language in part 5b but it is required.

Part 5a
With no usable money, no place to go home to and presumably no friends that weren’t buried six feet under, Thomas wandered the magnificent strip of sin city searching for answers he knew could never come. He needed a stiff drink but knew that no bar would take his money so found himself by chance in a casino. There he watched the people of all age and race play on the machines, which he figured must be paying out the new money of the age. Now and again he considered trying to steal some of this money but his conscience could never allow him no matter how dependant his life was on it.

As he navigated the rows he watched the people sat at the machines with avid curiosity. Some of these people gave him odd suspicious looks and moved him quickly on with the power of their eyes alone. Others went so far as to shout at him for looking in their direction. One obnoxious lady even called him a pervert. Quite why it was perverted to look at someone while they were playing a game Thomas had no idea but he didn’t like the attention so he walked a little faster. About half way down the row a blonde woman stood up from her machine and began walking in the opposite direction. Thomas could see that she had dropped one of her coins by the machine and so he called out to her.

‘Excuse me miss. You, uh… you dropped this.’

Thomas had bent down to pick up the round shiny circle on the floor and as he lifted his head he caught sight of the face belonging to the woman he’d called to. The young cowboy had seen many things of great beauty today, things that he’d never expected, but this pretty young woman may have been the most beautiful yet. The amazing woman who looked to be in her early twenties had a very cute face with full red lips. Her long blonde hair cascaded down on her bare shoulders while the rest of her body though hidden with clothing demonstrated an astonishing shape with a perfect curvy ratio.

‘Oh thanks. But why don’t you keep it?’ she said softly in a New York accent.

‘Um. Ok. Thank you. I’m not really sure how to…’ Thomas stuttered. Never before had anyone had such an effect on him. It was rather embarrassing but the woman was rather pleasant about it. She guided him to put the piece of metal in the machine and showed him how to pull the lever. It was rather simple, which only served to increase Thomas’ embarrassment. As the rolls in the machine began to spin the kind woman explained what he wanted to see. Thomas barely heard a word she said. The next thing he knew the lights in the machine were going crazy and the woman was shrieking hysterically.

‘I can’t believe you won’ she cried. ‘I’ve been putting money into this machine for ages and I’m down hundreds.’

‘Oh I’m sorry. Then please take back what you’ve lost’ begun Thomas.

‘Are you crazy? You can’t go giving away that kind of money. Besides there’s not quite enough here for that. But you do owe me so come on, you need to loan me some of your luck. What’s your name?’


‘I’m Lucy. Come on, we need to test this. Make sure that wasn’t a fluke. Take this.’ She handed him one of the coins from his winnings that she had already scooped into a bucket and pulled him to a different unoccupied machine. ‘Now go on; try this machine.’ This machine was slightly different from the last in that after placing the coin in the slot there was no leaver to pull. Lucy pointed out the button that Thomas had to push. A few seconds later some coins full out the bottom of the machine. It was nothing compared to the last win but nonetheless it confirmed something for Lucy who was now quite excited.

After the fourth lucky win in a row, Lucy was sure that she had found her lucky charm. Her horoscope today had foretold that she would find a new friend who would turn her fortunes around. This guy seemed to have more luck than anyone she’d ever met.

‘This can’t be real. I’m the most unlucky guy in the state. Really. I’ve never won a card game in my life.’

‘The past does not matter.’ Lucy interrupted. ‘You’re lucky now. And this is Las Vegas baby. We’re going to make ourselves a fortune.’


Part 5b
That was the start of one hell of a lucky spree. The next few hours were a bit of a blur. Thomas had never had so much fun in his life. All his problems seemed to evaporate and maybe it was the countless free drink or maybe it was the turbocharged atmosphere but life for once seemed to be pleasantly carrying Thomas on a magical rollercoaster night. Blackjack, roulette, craps. He played them all and he won enormous fortunes on them all. Lucy also seemed to be having a lucky break but her money multiplied much faster when Thomas placed the bet for her.

All was going very well at one roulette table, the crowd were cheering in support of the lucky cowboy, when an older gentleman came to the table and placed a very large bet on a spit of two numbers. The dealer politely told the newcomer that his bet was too large for that type of bet but this did not go down well with the wealthy Englishman. Soon a raucous situation had developed much to the annoyance of others at the table, none more so than Lucy who had by this time had several drinks. Still it came as a great surprise to everyone there to hear the sweet natured girl let rip at the troublemaker.

‘Look you big, pompous dildo. You heard what he said. Them are the bloody rules. Now some of us want to play so either make a decent sized bet or f**k off.’

She sadly lived to regret her choice of words. A few minutes later she too was expelled from the casino. By the time Thomas had collected his chips and gone after her, she was nowhere to be seen. A little upset that he had lost his only friend and uncertain about continuing to gamble without her, Thomas booked himself into a hotel with his winnings. He still had plenty of money left and he was sure that this was more money than he’d ever carried on his person before. However, even despite the strange reaction from the hotel staff he still had no idea as to the extent of the value of his winnings from the last few hours.

The hotel, as with a large number of hotels on the strip, was attached to a casino that Thomas had decided to explore as one last expedition before retiring to bed. But very soon something grabbed his attention. A word he was very familiar with. POKER. In a large hall several people were playing a poker tournament but this was not the poker that Thomas knew. He watched in fascination as the dealer placed cards face up on the table. Each player only had two cards of their own and yet they were making poker hands that Thomas knew very well.

One particular player seemed to be getting a lot of attention from the observing audience. They would cheer every time this player won a hand. The table where he was playing seemed to have a much larger crowd than the others. However, it didn’t seem to be his night for soon after he lost a lot of chips in what many observers were calling a bad beat. Just a few hands later the player was knocked out of the tournament much to the disappointment of the crowd. As the crowd favourite left the table dismally, Thomas made an effort to catch up with him.

‘Excuse me. Excuse me sir. Could I just talk to you?’

‘What is it?’ the poker player spat obviously still bitter about his game.

‘I wondered if you could tell me about the game you were just playing. How do you play it?’

‘I’m sorry. I really don’t have the time…’

‘Please.’ Thomas pleaded. ‘I could maybe pay you for your time.’

As he said this, he took some money out of his pocket. Not being very aware of the value of this currency, Thomas had unintentionally shown the man a lot of money for just a short chat. Still, it had the desired effect. The player’s interest had definitely been raised.

Edited by awood88 (04 April 2010 @ 19:03 GMT)

its getting more intresting now awood and not so crazy well done, oh yea i just remembered i gave u the word dildo lol keep it up looking forward to the next one

Part 6 has already been written and I'm ready to post it but I can't help but think it's not as good as the last part. I almost want to tell more people to read part 5 first but I have no way of doing that without posting. So here's just a message to say part 6 will be up in a few hours. Would be kind of nice to get a few more comments on the two part 5s before.

interesting story, Its good so far, next word; marajuana Big Smile

well done on another great part of the story, is the poker player name dozn01 by the way Big Smile

You'll find out a bit more about him in this part. This could be a matter of some debate. You'll soon see why.

Thanks Oll1e999. Your word will have to wait for the next part as I already wrote this.

Part 6
Texas hold’em was a tremendous game. A game to instantly fall in love with. The genius who had invented poker was second only to the genius who’d thought up this variant. There was nothing more perfect in Thomas’ view. Having only just discovered the card game he already knew that it was going to be a big part of his new life.

‘And that’s it?’ He asked. ‘That’s all the rules? Everything I need to know to play this game?’

‘Well those are the rules’ his teacher replied. ‘But poker takes barely any time to learn and a lifetime to master. I mean, just because you know how to play it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else you need to know. You understand?’

‘I believe so. Thanks for taking the time to teach me. Well I guess I owe you so… here.’ Thomas said handing the man some money. The man studied the note flabbergasted.

‘You do realise you’ve just given me five hundred dollars for what, fifteen minutes that we’ve been sat here?’

The two men were sat in the hotel lobby around a small table with a pack of cards. They had in fact been there less than fifteen minutes while the older man had taught the other how to play Texas hold em poker. Five hundred dollars was not a lot of money for the experienced poker player, although it certainly would come in handy. Not many people had seen the five hundred dollar note since it came into circulation two years ago but those who had had the pleasure of seeing one would never forget it’s iconic image. It had the tendency to make most people smile.

‘That’s not a problem. I have plenty of them. I won a lot of them earlier. And I can always win more. I’m very lucky you see.’ Thomas’ words came as quite a shock to his poker teacher who could do very little to stop himself bursting into laughter.

‘You won’t get very far in poker if you believe in that luck nonsense. There’s no such thing as luck, only probability and variance. You can’t get rich from luck.’

‘But I don’t intend to rely on luck. I think I’ll earn my money from poker. I was never very good at it before but I think that’s changed now. I’ve got a feeling that I can be a great poker player in this game.’

‘Listen, people don’t become good poker players over night. Be careful with your money here or you will soon end up broke. I’ve met hundreds of youngsters who think they can be the next young pro, the next big thing in poker. It ain’t that easy. There’s a lot of competition out there these days.’

‘Well, I don’t care what it takes. I’m going to be the best poker player there ever was. I think that’s why I was brought here; to be the best.’

‘I hope you do but take it from me you may be in for a big disappointment. I’ve played the best. I played in the WSOP quite a few years ago now but that was something else.’


‘World series of poker. Takes place every year here in Vegas. I qualified for my place online. I was lucky, I won through a promotion on an internet forum.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Oh it was a site called Bankrollmob dot com.’

This answer had not cleared anything up for Thomas as of course his question was in fact referring to what an internet forum was, being born way before the invention of the world wide web. His confusion was apparently not clear though as his new friend continued.

‘Anyway, it was a great experience and I won a lot of money. The competition was extremely tough then and I hear it’s even tougher now. But I gained a lot from it and I’m not just talking about the money. The money didn’t even last that long. I became a full time pro straight after, which was great at first but right now I’m facing the longest streak of bad luck I’ve ever known.’

‘I thought you didn’t believe in luck’ interjected Thomas.

‘Okay. You got me there. I guess luck helps. I’d best be going. Maybe I’ll see you at the tables.’

OMG Im teaching Thomas :} WSOP here I come...

Nice work awood88 Im printing it out now with copyrights. (im willing to split profits 70/30)
BTW is Goldy in P2 Isildur1 Smile
marajuana from oll1e999 LOL
Ill go for tiddlywinks...or if you can fit phrases then "go home Russian".

I like this story, well written ( even too well for me Blink ) and it leads you everywhere. Maybe the last part it's a bit forced but I appreciate your style Blink

Another two in one part so a lot to read. Part 7b contains some strong language.

Part 7a
When Thomas woke up the next day he was momentarily surprised to find that the events of the previous evening were not part of the brilliant dream he’d been having. He was uncertain whether he was pleased to see the unfamiliar hotel room in place of his usual bedroom but the prospects of the day ahead were certainly intriguing. He only wished that he could spend it with Jane, as he had done in his dream. Instead the idea of her held in the captivity of the despicable Goldy would plague his mind as he ventured around this wondrous city alone.

The morning was relatively uneventful. As uneventful as a morning can be when spent in an unknown world in another time. The city was not as breathtaking in the light of the day although Thomas still felt like he was walking through a dreamland. Slowly he began to pick up on the conventional behaviour of this period. He even learned an idea of the value of the money here. Although he still had a lot of it, he began to appreciate his fortune and his nonchalance towards spending it gradually decreased. This did not however prevent him from buying in to a very high stakes poker tournament for effectively his first ever game of Texas hold’em.

A ten and a jack were the first hole cards Thomas was ever dealt. He was sat in the big blind on a table with eight other players. The first man on his left, a man from the Ukraine, instantly folded even though Thomas was sure he’d only seen one of his cards. The next player also folded. The man who was next to act was the very same man who had taught Thomas the rules of the game. He raised two and a half big blinds, which Thomas calculated was a pot raise. But with a lot of chips back, Thomas deduced this was a weak raise.

The cutoff, a short man who was rather oddly wearing a hat and dark sunglasses indoors, raised to ten times the size of the big blind. The button and the small blind folded leaving the decision on Thomas who had reasoned that although the cutoff had raised less than a pot raise his move was stronger since it committed more chips. There were however plenty of chips left so Thomas decided to call as did the original raiser. The flop presented the nine and queen of spades and also the ace of diamonds. Thomas noticed he had the straight draw but had no spades to make a flush. His check was followed by a bet of ten big blinds from his poker teacher and after a minute the cutoff followed with a raise of forty big blinds. This brought the first pot to over ninety times the big blind. The reactions of several players around the table conveyed a fair amount of shock but this sense of shock grew when Thomas called the raise.

By calling, Thomas had left himself with a stack worth one thousand eight hundred from his original stack of three thousand. Thomas reasoned that he still had half his stack left if he’d be forced to fold but the expressions around the table told him this was odd. After the third player folded the pot was collected by the dealer and stood at two thousand eight hundred and ten in chips. A player across the table from Thomas, a fat man from Chicago, couldn’t hold his toungue.

‘Bloody hell guys, start as you mean to go on eh? Bleeding ‘ell.’

The turn was the eight of hearts and Thomas forced himself not to smile. He didn’t want to let his opponent know this card had changed anything so he checked expecting the guy to bet. However the guy must have sensed something as he checked behind. For a moment Thomas was scared that he’d given his opponent a chance to hit the flush but the river was a safe four. Now proposing that the other player had a missed flush draw Thomas thought the only way he’d get chips here is to check and induce a bluff. Unfortunately, the guy checked again.

When Thomas showed his straight, several players’ jaws fell open. The player, whose chips formed the bulk of his winnings, didn’t seem to react strongly. He merely showed his ace king of spades giving him a pair and a flush draw and shook his head from side to side slightly. Another player, the same player who had spoke before the turn, reacted far more strongly.

‘You called with ten, jack off-suit? Man, you’re a donk. What were you thinking?’

The player directly opposite the dealer, the only player to have met Thomas before that afternoon, smiled and said nothing. He had been very surprised to see the young man who had no experience of this version of poker sat at his table but he determined he wouldn’t feel guilty for taking his money. The inexperienced player at his table would certainly be an advantage he thought. Although he hadn’t shared this information with the rest of the table, he presumed they would quickly discover it for themselves.


Part 7b
Several hands later, Thomas was involved in a hand with king, nine suited against the Ukrainian player who had hardly played a hand so far. Since the start, two players on the table had been knocked out of the tournament and they had been joined by a young player who was, Thomas had learned, a cockney. The tight Ukrainian had raised preflop and just called Thomas’ bluff on the flop. The turn was a king and brought no flush possibilities so Thomas checked. Faced with a bet of eight big blinds he called and saw the river, a queen. The Ukrainian bet big this time, nearly half his remaining stack. Thomas had to think about it for a while but eventually called. His instincts were proven right as the Ukrainian showed his bluff of pocket sixes.

The table was quite divided in the evaluation of this hand. Some players including the player who had taught Thomas to play, commended him on his call, whilst the Ukrainian and the obnoxious guy from Chicago slammed him for calling.

‘What the hell are you smoking?’ the Chicago player shouted. ‘You can’t call with that. Seriously, lay off the weed yeah?’

‘Weed?’ Thomas inquired, never having heard of the slang word.

‘Yeah, weed, cannabis, marijuana! Fucking weed.’

The obnoxious player had been warned several times for swearing and offensive behaviour but didn’t seem to pay much attention as then went about attacking the Ukrainian player for his play. The cockney player tried to calm things down and suggested that they try to relax.

‘Dunno ‘bout you guys but I’m parched. Could do with a few tiddlywinks over yer. Waiter.’

The waiter approached the table and although the next hand had already been dealt, all the players at the table stopped to order a drink except the Ukrainian and the guy wearing sunglasses who Thomas had beaten in the first hand and hadn’t spoken since.

‘I’ll have whatever he’s been having’ announced the player from Chicago referring to Thomas but his comment didn’t manage to raise even a smile from the other players. He then ordered a martini from the confused waiter before checking his cards and raising. The action folded round to the Ukrainian, now a significant short stack, who re-raised. The Chicagoan called and put his opponent all-in on the flop. The Ukrainian showed pocket aces while the Chicagoan had hit trip nines. No help came for the foreigner on the turn or river and so he was out of the tournament.

‘Ha. Take that.’ Yelled the Chicagoan in his usual unpleasant manner. ‘Go home Russian. Go home.’

‘I’m not Russian’ retorted the Ukrainian but the Chicagoan didn’t let up.

‘Go home Russian.’ He continued to chant.

Once again, the player from Chicago had to be warned for his behaviour. This time the casino manager was involved and this seemed to do the trick. Whilst the abusive comments continued on some level they were much more toned down and subtle from that point on.

As the game continued Thomas seemed to improve. His style of play was even commended by some of the players. In one hand he managed to fold a full house to the straight flush of the Cockney player; ‘a brilliant lay down’ according to one player and ‘fucking insane’ according to the Chicagoan. Thomas was the big stack at his table until one incredible and unfortunate hand with three full houses.

With both the cockney player and the player who taught Thomas the rules out, there was only one more person to be knocked out of the tournament before the payouts. Thomas felt that he had played some hands badly and some good but it was mainly down to his luck that he was still in. As he had discovered last night gambling with Lucy, something extraordinary had occurred to bring him to this place and that same thing had made him incredibly lucky. He could still feel the mystical power surrounding him and it told him he was a winner.

Then he got dealt pocket kings on the button. The Chicagoan had limped before him but everyone else had folded. Hoping to get some action, Thomas just raised to four big blinds. The two players in the blinds instantly folded. To Thomas’ surprise the Chicagoan raised almost a pot-sized raise. The Chicagoan was the only player who out-stacked Thomas so erring on the side of caution Thomas called. The flop brought a rainbow of two, two, jack. The Chicagoan bet five times the min bet into a pot the size of twenty-seven and a half big blinds. This looked weak to Thomas and seemed to suggest that he’d missed rather than was betting with top pair. However Thomas had not ruled out pocket aces bearing in mind that his opponent had limped before a huge raise. Testing the waters, Thomas raised fifteen big blinds, leaving himself more than a hundred and fifty times the big blind in chips. He was prepared to fold to a large raise as he didn’t believe the Chicagoan was capable of pushing ace jack. However, the Chicagoan just called resulting in a nine on the turn of the same suit as the jack. The Chicagoan checked.

Thomas knew that he couldn’t give a free card due to the flush draw. In fact he wanted to end this hand now. This was a dangerous hand on the bubble. He bet seventy times the big blind. After a pause, the Chicagoan pushed all-in. Thomas felt his heart sink. This was now a very tough decision for all his chips on the bubble. He could afford to fold and carry on but he couldn’t help but feel the Chicagoan was taking advantage of the pressure. If he was in fact bluffing with a flush draw, the odds were so in favour of Thomas that he would have to call bubble or not.

Thomas took in a deep breath and announced ‘call.’

ooooo cliffhanger Shock lol I like this story it keeps getting better, next word; boobs Big Smile

yea this is a good wee story now Thumbs Up
since i seen go home russians i would like u to put in, Slap my chops and f**k me side ways

Posted by Flippedchips:
yea this is a good wee story now Thumbs Up
since i seen go home russians i would like u to put in, Slap my chops and f**k me side ways

lmao. love that phrase but it is distinctly British ain't it? Sure I can work it in though.

Any suggestions for the image on the 500 dollar note mentioned briefly in part 6. I read recently that they are going to put characters from Eastenders on 10 pound notes. Of course US notes is all masonry symbols but any ideas what they night stick on a note in 10 years time.

Posted by awood88:
Posted by Flippedchips:
yea this is a good wee story now Thumbs Up
since i seen go home russians i would like u to put in, Slap my chops and f**k me side ways

lmao. love that phrase but it is distinctly British ain't it? Sure I can work it in though.

Any suggestions for the image on the 500 dollar note mentioned briefly in part 6. I read recently that they are going to put characters from Eastenders on 10 pound notes. Of course US notes is all masonry symbols but any ideas what they night stick on a note in 10 years time.

maybe gordon brown haha Big Smile

Part 8
There was no going back now. Thomas looked around at the spectators; among them still was the poker player who’d introduced him to Texas hold’em. He and the majority of the audience seemed to be supporting him. Thomas’ eyes settled on his opponent. The Chicagoan’s face was still revealing nothing. Both his hands went to his cards. He curled them upwards towards himself to take a look at them. Then slowly he turned over once card.

He needn’t have bothered with the theatrics of turning over one card at a time. The first was an icy blow to Thomas’ heart. The two of clubs. But just to add to the bitter taste, the Chicagoan went and turned over his other card to reveal the final two. It took a moment for the horror to sink in. His kings blown out of the water by pocket deuces, the humiliation was excruciating. The crowd did not know that Thomas was drawing dead though they may have suspected it. Thomas had stood up and had half-left the table before he even turned over his cards. He walked away to the sound of the crowds disappointment, not looking back to see the final card. A king now would only mock him.

As he left the hall he heard someone trying to catch him up. He turned to see the guy who’d taught him the rules of the game not twenty-four hours ago. His face was sympathetic and his voice tone kind as he spoke.

‘Welcome to the harsh world of poker, my friend. Don’t beat yourself up. I saw some good play from you, this afternoon.’

‘I was supposed to win.’ Thomas retorted.

‘You need some experience. You can’t expect to win first time but you have a natural talent, I can see that.’

‘You don’t understand. I was supposed to win. I’m supposed to be lucky.’

‘I told you last night. There’s no such thing as luck.’

Thomas was about to argue when they were interrupted by a man who’d approached them. The man, with an indistinguishable British accent, ignored Thomas and addressed the poker player he was with as if he knew him.

‘Banks’ he shouted enthusiastically extending his hand for the man to shake but deciding better of it and instead throwing his arms around him for a close hug, which the man who had introduced himself to Thomas under a different name, reciprocated out of politeness. ‘Well, slap my chops and f**k me sideways, am I glad I run into you. I mean, what are the chances? How are you?’

‘I’m fine. This is Tom.’ Replied Banks. Thomas however had disappeared.

In the casino not so far away Thomas was in deep thought. He couldn’t understand why his luck had changed. He had been sure that the game was his to win. He still had plenty of winnings from the night before but if that was just a fluke he could soon find himself in trouble in this place. ‘What if his fortune was returning to how it had been before?’ he wondered as he walked aimlessly around the casino. Then something hit him. Someone had walked into him or he had walked into her. As she fell his hands brushed her amazing boobs but he managed to catch her toned arms. Her sweet smelling blonde hair hit him in the face. He helped her up and as he steadied her, her amazing smile made him feel dizzy again. He was captured by her eyes all over again. He’d forgotten how stunningly beautiful Lucy was.

‘Hi.’ She said. ‘I’m so glad to see you again. I feel so embarrassed about last night. I’m really sorry if I…’

‘It’s fine. You have nothing to be sorry for.’ Thomas interrupted.

‘Well. Maybe. But maybe I can make it up to you anyway.’

are you still doing this story awood88?

I'm still doing it for those who are interested but was just giving it a break. I didn't reply sooner cos I've been away and of course I ain't had time to write any more but I'll post another part soon.

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