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-25K $ in 1 night :-(  0   
Hey guy's this is a very very sad post Sad Disagree I can't describe how sad it is im writing this with tears in my eyes Sad
Two nights ago while I was playing poker someone stole my BMW 325i Coupe from the parking lot. It was parked aprox 50M from my apartment and I could see it from my livingroom window. While I was playing I heard a BMW driving by my window but there is some traffic here so I didn't think more about it than it just sounded like a 6 cylinder BMW like mine and many others. Im a BMW fanatic and I have been scanning the european car market for the perfect BMW for 4-5 month's. I finally found my car exactly like I wanted it everything perfect, it was in Italy 6 months ago. 325i Coupe Vanos Deepblue metallic 60.000KM, it had everything: 5 manual(prefer manual, 4fun), Klima control,, Antispin, white leather cabine, electric sun protector, rain sencors, M-technic suspension, BMW alloy wheels, GPS, board computer, remote controlled CD HIFI,12CD box in trunk, and probably alot I forgot. I love my car and had been searching for the right 1 so long and now it's just gone, the last 2 day's and night's I have been driving around looking for the needle in the hay stack with no luck and im really down without bullshi.... you im allmost crying while writing this Disagree
Im the geek that like to keep his car perfect, like wash it in the weekend and vacum the inside, polish the wheels and car if the weather is for it, wash the engine room, change oil, sparkplugs ETC. So it's allways runnig smooth and looking good Smile If I don't have anything to do and don't feel like playing poker there is nothing better than a ride through town in my BMW with some nice music...I can cruise for hours just chillin with short sporty moments when I find someone who wonna play Big Smile
But im just dreaming this is over it's gone gone gone Sleepy I feel so sick that I can't describe it but i will try any way:
I feel like my girlfriend has been kidnapped and she is being raped somewhere in Copenhagen but I don't know where Evil Evil Im helpless Sad
To try to end this long sad post with something positive it may sound sugar sweet but I think it's right: getting my car stolen made me remember how important the ones you love are compared to material. It's just a car.....though it's really hard for me to say, damn I loved it Tongue

EDIT: my insuarance company just told my car is in the "danger" category so to be fully protected from stealing the car needs to have an electric start lock or else I will not get any money. I can't prove this since I didn't know this! So no money from insuarance Sad I will try with a lawyer though.

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wow thats sad to hear .. at least i hope it was insuranced so you will get your money as cure (even tho it will be just poor cure of course ) .. i didnt know there is such a criminal level on copenhagen ;/ Aww crap!

No insurance money 4 me just -25K$

Yeah Denmark is allways projected like this perfect harmonic litle country with no criminal's. This is not the case especially not in Copenhagen. Every weekend someone get's stabbed with a knife in the night life. In the night life there are sold more drugs than you could imagine. Maybe not alot of shootings but still some since the gangs in DK are fighting for drug marked. HA rockers has allways owned the market now 2. generation midle eastern immigrants are trying to take over the market which creates some driveby's etc. My friend allmost got shot outside a night club he was out to get some fresh air some guys drove-by with machine guns shooting right next to him. I believe Denmark has a low criminal level but in Copenhagen it's pretty tough and concentrated since it's a big "small" town if I can say that.

OOh u poor thing !! This is really sad u know Sad Unfortunatly u cant protect yourself from there morons who think they can steal and destroy anything they want !!! it's a ugly world... Disagree

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^ Dude are you for real ?? Telling him it doesnt suck that much because he didnt lose it in Poker !!! You start talking about your speechless. This guy is totally devastated and I understand why. I feel for you M3turbo. Damn it sucks when something you worked for and put your pride and honor in gets stolen. F**k those thiefs, I hope karma is out to get them and F**K the insurance companies they always try to find a freaking excuse for not paying when loads of people commit insurance fraud everyday and get away with it. I got an advice for you, start a blog, post pics of your BMW. Tell everyone how much you cared for the car and then total bash the insurance company. What company is it ?
Sending all my good thoughts towards you and hope you will get your car back.

heh koza BR you dont understand probably .. but its normal since you have just 20 .. ( i know i have too but at least i understand this case Big Smile ) ... how can you compare such a stupid value in poker and in stolen car - - Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I'm sorry for you bad luck Disagree what the registringsnummeret maybe we cut look out for it, if they still driving around in the country ?

Posted by Iskold:
I'm sorry for you bad luck Disagree what the registringsnummeret maybe we cut look out for it, if they still driving around in the country ?

haha Blink go catch him !! Smile) nice to see your kindes Worship

M3, I am terribly sorry to hear that. I know that words will not bring your car back, it cannot reverse or change the past, but maybe, just maybe it can give you strength the keep your head up and know that like in poker, we have our low periods, but we always manage to turn it around. I believe that in this world, we have choices to make, some of us work hard to have material things, and some others chose an easier way which is to take from others. This might seem unfair, but believe when I say that NOTHING goes unpunished in this world. Everything happens for a reason and the harmed will be credited at one point or another.

I don´t know what else to say, if i was in condition to give you a brand new car Ii would, but unfortunately I can´t at this point.

Anyway my friend, I am really cheering and sending good vibes to you, so that you can in the future, write wonderful and extraordinary stories here.

If you need anything, you can always count on me. Take care my friend. Thumbs Up

Sorry for your loss, I know how you must feel Sad
Don't you have a picture of it, you can link to? In case some of our danish members might keep an eye out for it, on the copenhagen area. It's better than nothing I suppose.

Good luck with the insurance Thumbs Up

Wow that really sucks M3turbo. First when i saw this thread i thought you lost that money in poker,but it was your car... Sad .. And we know what you mean with that example!

Hi guys and girls, thanks for your support it really means alot in this terrible moment. Im truly thankful for your support and im reading word for word in this post very carefully it means a lot to me...thanks. Sadly I got no pictures of my car because all the pictures I take of my car is allways on holiday and I didn't even go on my first holiday in it. A holiday was planned but on hold now Disagree I got Top Danmark car insurance, and yes it is amazing how insurance company's allways try to sneak around when they must pay.
I got some new info: I called everyone and I meen everyone I know and some I don't know. I called some taxi drivers I know, courier guys and Parking guards from parking Copenhagen they are all circulating Copenhagen. The car has now been seen 2 times by people I know. Once in Copenhagen by a courier guy that actually recognized the guy who was driving it (probably also the theif) he knew him from primary school but had not seen the guy for 15 years but he knew his face and first name Mikkel. 2nd time 400M from my home by my good friend, he jumped out on the road infront of the car to stop it, the theif just floored it allmost hitting my friend. I put the 2 guys together to find out the theif's last name. I know everything about the theif now......and he's going down 1 way or the other:

Mikkel Vind/Wind
30 years
small guy short brown hair
tlf nr. 2797**** (he never answer's and it is a pay to talk card so I can't find him with it)
He does not have anything registred because of his life style.
Lives and comes from Amager where I also live.
He has got an restraining order not to come close to his ex-wife because he beats her.
I told to the police that I got widness who had seen him driving in my car and knew the theif and would testify against him. Police said ok I will add this to your file so the cop that has your case can look at it when he return on monday after the weekend. They would not arrest him or go talk to him, they said I should call them the next time I saw him........RIDICULOUS !!!
I called some "bad guy's" that would help me.....15 mins after they had talked to the theif's brother who would make sure that his brother return's the car within a couple of's a couple of hours ago still no sign of the car.
But im really close now and can allmost feel my car and smell the stinking theif Evil

I will return when I know more, once again thanks for your kind support Worship

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I had to censur the phonenumber a bit. Even though this guy most likely is the thief, I can't risk gets in trouble for posting any private details in the forum, without his consent. Hope you understand.

At least it sounds like there's progress in your case, already you have a MUCH bigger chance of getting your car back than most other stolen cards, which typical ends up in another country just days after being stolen.

I cross my fingers that the thief didn't make too much damage to your car.

Haha nice to hear ! it was probably some stupid kid who wanted just show how"good" he is ... but nice that things moved that fast Smile ! hope you will see it soon and hahah you called Mobster to get him !!! Big Smile

m8 i feel really with u and i mean that is a good information i hope u get this bast*** soory for that word but it is really sick what he done u have work for this fair and he stool it from u...that is sad pls send more when u know more we are with u Smile good luck m8

Of course Admin I didn't think of that.

Yeah you are right they are really quick exported.
I think if I get it back I will repair it and try to sell it, my beatiful raped car. Start allover and try to find another pearl Big Smile

I forgot my reg. number it is : **removed, as car has been returned /admin**

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Wow, what a history Smile

^ Yeah !!! This is starting to become a thriller. dude !! do post as soon as you got news, I can't wait to hear what happens. I have a strong feeling you will get your car back Smile

Btw, you should post it at - might help!

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