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Anyone else having problems finding sites to post your aff. link ? everywhere i look theres a spam policy and so... Sad unfortunalty none of my friens are that in to poker...
Guess i just have to continue my search if i wonna reach that 5000 points this year Blink

First of all - thanks for checking out the rules at the sites you want to post at, before you do it. If only everybody would do that Smile

Next, when you say "spam policy", are you sure they also include affiliate (referral) links? Of course, no sites will allow spam (posting several messages etc.), but maybe they do allow serious posts with links to sites like ours, even though it's a referral link. Well, check it out, and better ask their forum administrator if in doubt.

Here's a few suggestions:

* If your friends doesn't play poker but would like to learn, show them how to signup here (but do NOT do it from your computer!), and tell them NOT to start playing poker when they receive a no deposit bonus. Instead, arrange for a day/evening where you teach them and play with their bonus etc.

* If you have a blog, website, facebook profile, <insert community site here> profile etc., you might be allowed to post your referral link there.

* Include the link as a signature in your outgoing e-mails to friends etc (probably not a good thing to include it in work related mails though Big Smile )

* Look for forums that might have a special subforum dedicated to ads, referral links etc. There's also entire forums dedicated to bonuses and stuff like that, of course they contain ALOT of links, but it might give you one or more signup.

* Finally, when it comes to forum in general, we recommend to STAY AWAY from any poker/casino related forum as they almost never allows referral links. But forums that might deal with other stuff, like cars or something, might allow it.

Good luck Thumbs Up

Yea I have had some look. I put in about 5 hours today looking for forums where I could post links. I found 5 of them. One actually said to spam Ive only had one signup though.

I always look for poker forums that are not giving no deposit bonus too, henerally people of these sites are interested in these kinda of bonus and no one blame me for showing them a new no deposit bonus heheh Big Smile

Why are you just puting a link in forum. I wrote a couple sentences and copy that text in some threads about gambling,betting( there are a lot of forums). Also put it on facebook,and other. Text is interesting and it only describe this site. Something like: '' you get no deposit bonus for poker and casino sites'', i wrote a little bit for affiliate and put my e-mail. Important thing is not to put a link for bankrollmob. In two weeks i made 13 approved users. Tell your friends also. Hope you understand my tactic. Blink

DJ_rush what did you say?

Ive posted a link and a whole thing describing the site and has had no hits from this. Needless to say I use the free to advertise forums.

The same thing you wrote.
I guess the problem is in forum selection. I use the no.1. forum in croatia. It has a subforum for sportbetting so i just put my describing text in it. It is allowed in that subforum.

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