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Weekly Round 2 Ticket POKERSTARS  0   

Any1 interested in a ticket for the weekly rd 2 2000$ price pool?

I checked with PS support and they replied the following:

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to exchange your ticket for
any other value. The only thing that it is possible for you is to
make is to transfer your Weekly Round 2 ticket to an other player.

Please note that we currently offer two Weekly Round 2 events,
either at 10:00 ET on Saturday or 14:00 ET on Sunday.

In order to request a transfer of your Weekly Round 2 ticket to
another player, please write back to us with the following

- Your User ID
- The recipient's User ID
- Number of Weekly Round 2 tickets to transfer

Once you have provided us with this information by return email,
we will be happy to make this transfer for you.

We look forward to your response.


PokerStars Support Team

I'm asking for 1$ compensation for the time spend and of course u get a shot to a 2000$ price pool.

Let me know if ur interested.

no its ok ive got like 6 of them which I havent used yet ive had them for ages

Cheeseburger for sale ITT.

Hello everybody!
Your proposal is not very interesting. These tournaments outright stink.
See you soon for new posts lol! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

il have it no prob and if i win it il split the profit Thumbs Up

Cool. Do you use any IM's like skype? Just to exchange information like e-mail address and PS ID.

no think u just say what ur name is on Pstars Confused

I've to e-mail the support team and they'll make the transfer and add u CC.
and yes also ur PS ID.

Well thats a new one ...... but not bad .... can be crazy trying to win a seat to these freerolls ... managed it twice and still have one token ..... but if you can sell it cool ..... Not as strange as selling playmoney .... that has to top the lot ..... But if you get it Flippedchips let us know how you did and what the tourney was like ..... would make a interesting post and story

'Pokerstars Support' transfer the ticket just have toe-mail the ID to which to transfer. Payment is made over transfer funds feature.

Flippedchips if ur still interested I need ur PokerStars user ID.
Also we face the conflict of who transfers first. Any comment? Question

Sorry dude.
No money now.

I had no idea, that those Weekly round tickets can be used when you like, i thought, it has to be. same week. Learning all the time.

you can transfer it to player id: oscaroni , but if you give it as a gift Smile

i thought u were just going to give it to me and if i won i would share the profit but no prob u can play it urself but im not bad at tournys Big Smile

Would like to make you a gift Synthetikos but that'd disagree with my 'freeroll-tourney-ticket-business' plan.

Sharing profits is best offer so far.... no doubt for your tournament skills Flippedchips, but reading ur threats it seems u have a fish allergy. Weekly rd 2 will be full of fishes.

Come on u guys I am asking for 1$....for u to have a shot at $160-$200+ and no need to go thru the Hubble's. How about 75c ? Cool

Just play th friggin game, stop begging for $1 its shamefull.

Better idea.
I play it, you give me 1$ compensation for the time i gonna spend on this tourney and i share the money with u (but i'm a Big Donkey so i never cash Big Smile )

Worship Worship Worship

Spade Club Heart Diamond

Lol deals getting better...

And come on don't call me a shameful beggar. No need for insults. Just offering it. don't bothe with success or not. Keeps me collecting points and i may get rid of these tickets I'm holding.

Will play the tourney but still have bunch of them left.

Posted by B1gfoot:
Just play th friggin game, stop begging for $1 its shamefull.

I have to agree with that one. You are 22 years old and you are begging(yes it is begging) for fkin 75 cents??? What's this about? Play that crap yourself, for fucks sake. Club

out of interest, how many people enter this MTT ? Because if it is >2,000 then the ticket is obv worth less than $1

My thoughts would be you should be asking roughly half of its value, since the buyer has no choice of how to spend ticket. So if MTT has $2K prize pool, then divide $2K by the number of runners then halve again and thats what your ticket should fetch. IMO

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