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2 weesk ago i have downloaded Poker Nordica from the link of Bankroll Mobs rakeback site

lol , what a joke is this site ?

i won more th 900 $ since the start day and initiated a Neteller withraw of 700 $

so far so good, they confirmed the transaction with mail and promised to cash out the funds within maximal 72 hours

bt i am waiting now 1 week for it ...

no reply to mails !

in the live chat they tell you every time another abstruse excuse and tell me now:
you will get your money in 2 weeks !


what a joke

i have not to met any bonus terms or other things , the whole bankroll is withdrawable, they own cashier system confirm this

bt only in theory you can make a withdraw it seems

another room : no response
no pay out ???


seems so

any experiences ???

sorry for poor english



they delay and avoid the withdraw without any reason

Confused Confused

Poker Nordica is part of the Merge network. And they are known to be slooooow when it comes to cashouts. Keep bombarding them with mails.

mmmm smell like fraud???? i dont think that... keep sending mails... i think that they respond you soon... if they dont it very bad publcity for they... send mails and wai a two or three days more...
i belive that your cashout make real

Merge network??? Can you name other pokerrooms that belong to this network, so id know in the future.

this is not good for me then if this true I too am waiting for my cash out, just asking,have you made a deposit on that site using neteller?

Posted by pokkerimees:
Merge network??? Can you name other pokerrooms that belong to this network, so id know in the future.

They have over 50 sites in the network. Most famous is Carbon Poker, Big Bet Poker is part of that network too.

Continue to send them e-mails.
And pray.

Good luck to you.


another 5 days i am waiting now for my money ....

bt big wonder: today they replied the first time to my mails !

"rest assured you will get your money, bt i takes another 1-2 weeks , bc we have problems with our payment processor...."



i asked a few other players, Poker Nordica seem not to have ANY problems if you need to deposit at this time...


this Nordica kids us like the hell it seems, they use a different payment processor for withdraws ????


good joke, they think we are all stupid ?

i think i have to wait for my money til hell is frozen, inacceptable behaviour of this Merge gaming site

they work with tricks froms start to delay or avoid legal cashouts , i am sure they are able to process the withdraws, bt they dont want to do it...

they seem t o work with the typic online casino trick: no pay out for weeks, bc they hope the players will lose the rest of bankroll and have to reverse then and cancel the withdraw

i am sure this room doesnt exist long time in this hard poker industry , players leave in mass if they have to wait 3 weeks for an easy Neteller withdraw,
which caould be done in 10 seconds...

and "service" is also inacceptable... much people complain in several watchdogs and poker forums about Poker Nordica

in my eyes: no wonder...
they have to improve ALL basics and standard categories and behaviour
they have to learn a lot it seems

sory for poor english

gl all


I have to receive a rakeback from bankrollmob`s offer about PokerNordica but I did not get any response from both for 2 WEEKS !!!!

Posted by shokaku:
Poker Nordica is part of the Merge network. And they are known to be slooooow when it comes to cashouts. Keep bombarding them with mails.

Sounds really strange for a so-called serious poker site...

I played on carbon and bigbet and i use moneybookers.

I've cashed out twice on carbon, it took 14 days and 9 days respectively. both over 200$

I've cashed out 4-5 times on bigbet, all which took no longer than 2 days exception of 1 cashout which i believe took 3 because it was during weekends. range between 50-300$.

If you like merge network, i might suggest you play on bigbet because they have their own cashout system. Plus they have live support which is very helpful. Smile

The most unknown rooms are always slow. In one side, they want guys like you playing and betting, entering with money and calling friends to fill up rooms, but in other side when its their time to cash players, they have some difficulties. Once i use a bit of maths and concluded that a poker room can generate millions of profit per minute... if its full, like Pokerstars or Full Tilt, because if it isnt, sometimes it can generate loss, if you have to may to many. But dont be scared, if it was a fraude, everyone here would already know! You will see, when you end reading all this answers "the money will roll right in"!

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