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perhaps admin u can have a look on that. Software of paradise poker seem to have major problems,
First thing: u register for a sitngo, money dissapears but your not registered. Normally the fuds are transferred back but not last time it happened.
Second: The whole software crashed while i was playing 5 or 6 sitngos, wanted to relogin but was in a QUEUE!!!!! because too many players loggied in same time. I got blinded out or had just 200 out of 2500 chips left. In total I think I lost 1 + 4x = 5 * 3.30eur = 16.40eur !!!
Contacted support, they said will be credited back but dont trust them anymore, never have seen such a problem my entire playing time...



another note: 5 minutes before i got disconnected i saw 2 other people been sitting out on different tables..
Will keep u informed but if they dont refund funds to all players, it robbery, not a serious site and they should not appear here on bakrollmob

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wow powerfull statement Smile

thats why i play at the big sites Blink

There's really not anything we can do - I'm sure they have a team of professional developers to maintain their software and network.

the problem they had doest really make it looks like they have proffesionals there Blink

wtf, Rita from support just writes me in the chat ok joking:

Sacha: ???

Rita: ok joking

Sacha: joking??

Rita: sorry was a mistake

Rita: unfortunately we can not grant any bonus at the moment.

WTF, i want my money back!

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Posted by dozn01:
wow powerfull statement Smile

thats why i play at the big sites Blink

Big Smile Me 2 lol Big SmileDD

LOL, look at the tournament history, didnt know u could loose 1400eur in an 3eur sitngo, wtf

2122190125 Freideg 9 Abrëll 2010 16:13:42 Texas Hold'em Real Tournament 150.00/300.00 No Limit Holdem Turbo Angry -1451.00 Angry
2122189048 Freideg 9 Abrëll 2010 16:12:57 Texas Hold'em Real Tournament 150.00/300.00 No Limit Holdem Turbo 0.00
2122188190 Freideg 9 Abrëll 2010 16:12:22 Texas Hold'em Real Tournament 150.00/300.00 No Limit Holdem Turbo 0.00
2122186808 Freideg 9 Abrëll 2010 16:11:24 Texas Hold'em Real Tournament 150.00/300.00 No Limit Holdem Turbo -300.00

THE MONEY STILL ISNT THERE, here my dispute with the retarded chat (sorry, im relly angry now)

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Shyam'

Sacha: hello

Shyam: How may I help you today?

Sacha: I chatted with ur support already in the afternoon

Sacha: i have a problem, due to your server poker problems

Sacha : i was in several sitngo, and lost my chips due to blind out!

Sacha : the guy i spoek erlier said that before midnight the funds of these sitngos would be transfered back to my account

Sacha : they STILL arent there and i really start getting angry now!!!!

Sacha : and he said that no mather what, before midnioght the problem will be resovled

Shyam: Sorry for the inconvenience, the poker support team is still looking into it

Sacha : BUT IT ISNT!! so why, and why does ur suppiort staff tells mke it will be before midnihgt???

Sacha : yeah, but fopr how long more??

Sacha : and why you keep telling me this. then you shouldnt have told me it will be FOR SURE resolved by midnight!!

Shyam: We will request the poker team to look into it as soon as possible

Sacha : iyou keep saying that to me, i want answers now!

Sacha : you cant tell me it will be resolved by midnight and now tell me wee keep looking at it blablabla

Sacha : tahts robbery

Sacha : then tell me ok, you will never see you money back but dont lie to me and say for sure by midnight everything will be refunded

Shyam: We apologies for the inconvenience caused

Sacha : you apologize now for i dont know how many< hours, I WANT A HONEST ANSWER

Shyam: We will request the poker team to fix it as soon as they could

Sacha : if your not capable of giving me onm than look THAT I CAN TALK TO SOMEONE HOW CAN!!!

Sacha : you requested that already 8 hours ago!!!!!!

Sacha : so tell me whats going on, 8 hours ago you told me the same story....

Shyam: Sorry but since it is a different team we could only request them to fix it ASAP

Sacha : that means every time i ask , a different team is there and it will never be resolved, i understand...

Sacha : at least you could have sent me an email or something.....¨



Shyam: Sorry about the miscommunication

Sacha : dont tell me your sorry a hundred times but give me a honest answer!!

Sacha : its enough now!

Shyam: The honest answer is we will have to wait for poker support team update as to when will they fix this issue over your account

Shyam: Once they let us know we will update you

Sacha : so why your staff told me by midnight it will be fixed???

Sacha : howlong will it take then approx???

Sacha : have you solved any prtoblems of the other playrs yet?

Shyam: I cannot give you time commitment since it is a different team

Sacha : the issue is simple, i was registred and then you server crashed, so where is the problem??

Shyam: It has to be fixed for all customers

Sacha : and why the other team could give me wrong time commitmend. Do you think that that was serious??

Shyam: The site was fixed and ready to play, we considered the losings will be credited as well

Shyam: But unfortunately the losing is taking time to be credited into accounts for all customers

Shyam: We request you to have some more patience please

Sacha : ok, i will give you till tommorow 13:00, by then i want to get some kind of an answer!!!

Shyam: We will try our best to fix it by then

Shyam: Thank you for your co-operation

Sacha : startedplaying here yesterday, your site seems to be the biggestjoke ever, sorry if I have to say that, never had any ofthese problems at all the other sites...

Sacha : by

Shyam: Thank you for visiting. We would appreciate if you could click on the close chat button and complete the survey about this chat that appears. Goodbye and have a wonderful day

Sacha : yeah, of course i have a wonderful day since i lost money because of your server problems, pffff

THAT SIMPLY IS A JOKE AN ROBBERY, and BRM shouldnt cooperate with them!!

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You were way too patient and polite! I've seen these things (frozen servers and money lost) in another site and people wasn't too patient... they started to harass and use bad language to the admins of the site badly...

I m only plays freerolls there.

Same b******t happened to me on Cake the other day.. The server didnt go down but I would get dc in 1 or 2 rooms while all the others were fine (8 hu tbls) and watch my blinds get robbed. After sending many vulgar emails they finally gave me back my buy-ins. Though they said they won't next time. Sucks because only site i got rb.

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