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Dozn01 last post ever here.....  0   
Hi all, hope you are all well,

this is gonna be the last post i ever do here.............

i did somethink very stupid blew all my bankroll , put it this way my bankroll was more than what some people earn in 1 year and no it was not at full tilt you carntcheck my stats on this
wont go into much detail.......... i moved up stakes and totaly went on tilt.............

so ive decided to cut my loses from poker including this site ive stopped playing poker,
i know il never make it pro was always abit of fun winning money,
il never be a durrrr for f**k sakes im 30 years of age,
been palying online poker for 10 years if i was gonna make itwould of done it by now,

im gonna cut my losses and thats it,

ive got better things to do in my life be a good father to my daughter ,
i know i carnt fail at that than this poker lark,

ive learned alot over the years on poker,
and i must admit i have made money on it but not to live off so i know i wont become a pro,
this 1 time i broke all the rules just to make it to the big time and failed,

this was my last chance i know il never get that bankroll ever again ,
took me 5 years to get it up that far,

oh for all you guys wanna check my stats you carnt because i didnt play under dozn01 hahaha, Smile
i came to this forum as one of you took the NDB just to fit in but i never needed it .
as i had a account with money init, which i earned over the years b4,

dont get me wrong this site is good for the first timers free money and that but whenyou have been playing
poker for 5 years or more and you havnt become a pro yet youwill never will, but i hope you prove me wrong and go all the way Smile

so its good bye from me, wish you good luck in what ever you do in life hope it works out.....
ive had a good banter with many mobsters on here so i leave you right now with this

im sorry i let you all down i f**ked up you were all my family ,
i played with the big boys and lost at poker sorry

remember Dozn01 as your friend Smile!v=wVyggTKDcOE&a=xDi05...

Take care man... poker's a game... and a good one, as long as it doesn't mess and f*ck with other important things in our life.. maybe you need to cut loose for a while and spend more precious time with your beloved ones who need you... I hope some day soon you'll be healed from this cash blow that hit you and play again... treating it as a game and not as the most important thing on the planet.. you got a daughter that awaits you... and that should be enough Thumbs Up

ok m guessing you're drunk and you'll be back

but if you're not then ok I wish you well in the future & come back to post in the future to say how you're doing please

that's unfortunate. You're story is a bit strange and doesn't add up with all your other posts, but whatever. I don't care enough to really question it. Anyway, bummer, gl in life.

That's too bad Dozn01.. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. Take care.

To be a pro at poker takes more than skill, it takes a weird outlook on life.

The only way to make big money is to not care if you lose it all, and once you are a parent you just don't have that freedom.

Good luck with everything. One day im sure you will come back to poker, if not for the living for the fun. You can be competitive without being driven by profits.

Sad story.

But actually, for good players that blew the roll, this site offers the chance to rebuild through a no deposit bonus.

yeah yeah yeah,badluck for you doz,well see you in a coupleof weeks whenyou have cooled down.thats the roll of the dice,did you play to higher limit.sevesyou right.youll be back,poker loves you. Big Smile

i saw ur stats once on ipoker, you once were laughing about some call that someone did and u posted the pic of the hand history, i saw ur stats on cash tables so anyway i bet on ole1a9999 "i bet u are drunk and will come back" Thumbs Up Spade Club Heart Diamond

OMG your leaving noooo you said you were goign to reply to everythred and it was funn couse i was going to do the same i have had work alot latly so i haven't been on as much as i liked but i hope you nothing but good luck on your future path away from the felt

I don't want to believe it. I want to think that he's simply going through hard time. Losing money always makes hurt. I don't know if you'll participate in our brm tournament tomorrow. I hope so.
Anyway ... if you are gone, good luck in your second life Blink

Keep playing poker dozn % stay with us. I gues we all have fun reading your posts.
I only play since 1 year and i lost money. I know i'll never be a pro but poker is my hobby so i enjoy playing.
I pray Chuck for you and your bankroll
Big Smile

Spade Club Heart Diamond

Hey we all tilt, i got a $25 bonus on bodog from another site, my 1st game i played was a $20 tourney and I went for it and finished 2nd for $500, 2 days later i went against what i play and i played omaha hi/lo at .25/.50 table and i got aces full of queens 2 times in a row both times i got called my all in to have a king hit the river and me to lose both with the other player getting a bigger boat, i got pissed and keep reloading max of i think $100, same thing next 2 hand I had boats and the only way to lose was that 1 single card and it kept hitting for the other players and i said bulchit the odds had to be already 20,000 to 1 against me losing that many times on the river to a single card, I tossed my bankroll away, I tilted which i dont normally do
I also played 6 hands at a time on NLH at full tilt on the 1/2 cent tables and played 12 hours a day for 2 months and held my own, then i switched to stud and lost it
when I stick to tourneys is where I play my best, Ring games are where poker sites make there cash so they put the games where everyone gets a good hand, if you havent noticed, they say they have random hand generators but the better hands are put on ring games and the shitty hands are on tourneys and then they use the generator to deal them
I only play freerolls now for the last year and I have done good, I won $5 in full tilt $5 freeroll 2 days ago, I was hoping to get it to $10 to play you all on BRM but that went out the window, I knew, I had to try that stupid rush poker, but maybe next time I will have enough
im still trying to hit a freeroll to play it, not gone til its gone
BTW my name at full tilt is
Diet Coke Rod

later, gl dozn01

More then some earn a year. That must hurt. Hope you really stay away, if you decided that way. I tryed it, but instead i made promise to not deposit anymore.

I'm upset! Really! Sad

BRM is like, becoming my online family, slowly but surely, and you are part of that family. A BIG part.

So I'm going to reply to this later.
Kind of speechless right now....

Dude, that's unfair. You never took my challenge, that i played omaha hi/lo with you and you'd play razz with me.
I would have really liked that.
BUT, like some others think, this doesn't sound like you at all.
My guess is that you had a friend over at your place, you were pissed out of your skulls, you were logged in here, and he made this joke thread after you passed out Big Smile
Just a guess... Club

You wont give up.. you'll be back.

Everyone has it at some stage, and we've all gone busto before. believe me I know

Just take a break, get your head together then start all over again

A little to much of this ??? Beer Beer

chill man and we know you wont leave

If this is the case as happend so much,( drinking and playing poker= losing bankroll), I am amazed that no one has invented a device that much like the one that after you have been charged with impaired, you hook up to your computer and have to do a breathalizer before you log on, would probably make a fortune and save many a bankrolls and posts like this. Smile

Edited by dlkiv (14 April 2010 @ 11:57 GMT)

Good luck Donz, enjoy your family.
Im sure you will be back.
I take poker as a hooby, it will not make me a millionaire.

Can we start taking sidebets now?

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