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Learning RAZZ  0   
well people im trying to learn RAZZ im probe just for fun and well got a good stack and now i will play whit 2.50$ the minimun buy-in on a tables and hope whit that make a bankroll to play RAZZ there are the rules and what is razz Blink


The lowest hand wins the pot. The format is similar to seven-card stud high, except the high card (aces are low) is required to make the forced bet on the first round, and the low hand acts first on all subsequent rounds. Straights and flushes have no ranking, so the best possible hand is 5-4-3-2-A (a wheel). An open pair does not affect the betting limit.


1. All seven-card stud rules apply in razz except as otherwise noted.

2. The lowest hand wins the pot. Aces are low, and straights and flushes have no effect on the low value of a hand. The best possible hand is 5-4-3-2-A.

3. The highest card by suit starts the action with a forced bet. The low hand acts first on all subsequent rounds. If the low hand is tied, the first player clockwise from the dealer starts the action.

4. Fixed-limit games use the lower limit on third and fourth streets and the upper limit on subsequent streets. An open pair does not affect the limit.

5. The dealer announces all pairs the first time they occur, except pairs of facecards, which are never announced.


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Ok thanks for the post.....i guess

Nice post mago.. I don't play Razz. I think its difficult to learn. Blink

nah is dont really hard you just need be patience and attention Blink

Haha woow Smile few days ago i was watching friend on one of Full tilt bigger tours (FTOPS or so? ) and it was razz tournament Big Smile and i was like what the hell whats that :> and now i know some simple rules and plays Smile thanks

razz i believe is the easiest game to tell where you are in the hand

if people raise and hit a low card they have usually paired if they check. its lots about luck but if you always get your money in the middle when you have the best of it and be patient with your starting hand selections you can come out on top fairly easily

mmm, very nice post, i was learning to play poker, all the ways, and i already learn omaha, stud and casually im learning razz...thx for the info mago

i like playing the razz tournaments. the only thing is that you have to get out to a sttrong start early on. the blinds usually go up so fast.


Razz has to be my 2nd most favorite card game next to Texas Hold'em.
Its such a fun game trying to actually get a crap hand to win a nice pot. Kinda poetic if you ask me ( worst hand wins)

I think everyone should learn at least two poker games besides Holdem, Razz is one of them and Omaha Hi should be the third. If youre out of luck on NL Holdem go play Razz or even better HORSE because those are limit games and if youre losing too much money on them stop playing, its not the cards or luck it is you whos playing bad. Other good thing about playing other games is to get your mind of Holdem and do something else if you must play poker.

I started to play razz a while ago, but for some reason i stopped. I think if you just give it some time it could be quite fun. And as predo said, you need to learn another game besides holdem. Learning razz and omaha could make you a better hold'em player

Razz it takes a while to run into the hand that you would want. like 423 or some other low hand. But i always seem ty either brake even or end up when I play

razz is a game of starting cards, if u start with the best hand u will most likely end with the best hand.

It sounds like this game is not so nice, hmm in my opinion it looks similar to omaha high lo pot limit Tongue of course the lo hands , I remember when I was watching one table of it and one guy hit royal flush and other had nothing and pot divided into two same piecese, is it fair ? Smile i would be really angry if my royal flush made no sense Tongue hehe anyways greets to all who play omaha Smile

I usually wont even start playing a hand unless all three of my cards are 7 or under. If I am in a later stage of a tournament and the blinds are way high. If my cards that are flopped up look good even though they may match both of my hole cards I will play aggresive, and have had some pretty good success.

Posted by Predobar:
I think everyone should learn at least two poker games besides Holdem,

I haven't tried to learn other poker games, besides holdem, becouse i am trying to focus on holdem, i mean i can barely play it, becouse i'm starting to get aware of the basic concepts, BUT coz im reading theory of poker i have to understand how the others game works.
Big Smile
Knowing a wide variety of games is very good thing to practice all the game concepts Big Smile

Yes I think that being able to be competitive at all the different poker games would help to make a player an all around better player. I sometimes like to play HORSE, but I am very weak at seven card stud. I try to sit out most hads when that game is up.

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