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i have a question about tournament, this could be applied to most sites i think.

i just played a 2000 guarantee, it had 360 runners, 2+.20 buy in, 2 rebuy and 2 add on. I played and tripled my stack by the first break where rebuys finished. What i noticed is that before the break there had been already 300 rebuys. During the break, 90% of the remaining players bought an add on.

I didnt buy any add ons becaue i didnt have much cash. Due to the speed of the raising blinds i was knocked out pretty early on after the break.

What are peoples thoughts in regards to rebuys and addons. Do you or dont you? and especially any info on add ons would help to.


has no-one got any comments for this....

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yea if you just play wont get knocked out lol

haha yea i never get why chipleaders still buy addonns

OK so I wrote this for you, hope it helps.

When playing a rebuy your goal is to build as big a stack as possible during the first hour when rebuys and add-ons are allowed. (as players will be loose theres no better time)
Rebuy tournaments are a lot more expensive than they look, so drop down limits.
You should have 4 or 5 buy-ins.
As soon as the tournament starts, add on if you can.
You want As said above to make a huge stack so increase your chances.
Get stuck in there and try to see as many flops as you can,
small pocket pairs and suited connectors if the pot is right and players have more to give...go get it.
When not to add on or re-buy, simple if your stack after add-on is not meating the average stack then walk away.
After the first hour, re-buys add-ons are over, the tourn will take a quick turn and start playing tighter, just go back to standard tournament play.

Dont forget to Thumbs Up Big Smile

BTW I actually play diffrent to the suggested above, I dont re-buy 1st hand as I feel I can take down a loose player quite quickly.
Always add-on during break.(again unless well below Av stack)

I looked up on Rebuy Tournaments a few weeks back on a lot of sites, because I'd never played one. A lot of different opinions out there, but what I came up with that seemed most likely to succeed was exactly what B1gfoot just explained!

I used that strategy the next day in a Double Deuce qualifier (70-80 runners, top 3 paid) and got my seat.
The tip at the end about the loose player I'll watch out for next time. Good one. Blink

Thanks B1gfoot, nowI feel more confident about playing those again. Smile

thanks bigfoot for the infoo..i might have a go tomorrow at another cheap rebuy and use this method and see what happens...

I don't believe in using any rebuys or add ons. Simply because i feel as the tournament goes on you get less and less value for your $.

In most tournaments the add on costs the same as your original buy in and gives you the same amount of chips. But what would be 30-40 BB early on in the tournament the same number of chips will give you something like 5-10 BB at the add on point. Because of this I feel i get a lot less bang for my buck as those extra blinds usually wont make the difference between cashing and not.

Because of this i look at a rebuy tournament as being a larger field than stated with a very steep pay out structure. A 30 player rebuy tournament which pays top 4 i look at as a 90 player tournament that pays top 4. This will lower my chance to cash in a rebuy tournament but if i do i get a much better ROI.

This strat still allows you to rebuy on the first hand since thats when you get the most BB for your cash. And doesnt take into account tournaments where the rebuys/addons are a different price than the original buy in. My local casino does a $50 buy in with $10 addons and rebuys. Because of how much cheaper the chips are when you rebuy/addon you lose value from walking away from the table when you first get felted.

This is all based on the assumption that skill is more important when you have more BB and luck is more important when you have less BB. I think this is generally agreed upon with better players prefering to play deep stacked tournaments than super turbo short stacked ones where luck would come more into play.

Example of how i see my chances.

I could play 4 $2 rebuy tournaments without rebuying ever and cash for $10 once. Overall im up $2

Or i could play 4 $2 rebuy tournaments and rebuy once and add on once and cash for $10 twice. Overall im down $4 even though my cashing % has doubled.

This may not be accurate but its what my gut feels in general about rebuy tournaments.

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Posted by SCDossett:
I don't believe in using any rebuys or add ons. Simply because i feel as the tournament goes on you get less and less value for your $.

Depends on how big the average stack is and how much money a rebuy/add-on will cost you.

But if you are NEVER willing to rebuy or add-on, you should play freeze out tourneys instead.

you i think i prefer freezeout, its just trying to find a good site where there are good value guarantee tournaments.

i might also try the cash out tourneys at FTP

In tournamentes such as these I ALWAYS take both rebuys at the very start, and play mega tight. Hoping to get a double up or two.

Then take the add on and go for the money..

It more than not works just nicely

Posted by VicYun1314:
haha yea i never get why chipleaders still buy addonns

Because the more chips they have in their position, the more people they will outlast. REmember a chipleader can sit there and its up to everyone else to catch him up...

I like the above Good way 2 play rebuys.

I dont like rebuy touneys.. if I play, I dont make a rebuy and hope the fishes make a lotand hand the chipès over tome easily

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