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mobsters that regurly make posts should have more benefits than others

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Posted by dlkiv:
To all who are asking for better benifits to the reg. posters let me ask you this. Do you deposit on sites after taking a NDB from here? Have you had anyone join from your affilitae link? Have you made $$$$ for BRM in regards to rake etc? Overall what have you done for BRM,( as they do much for us everyday), to contribute a little back? I personally could list where I have deposited,( I use the NDB to check out a site and if I like it I deposit as well as the DB that are pretty awesome), have donated $$$ here to BRM members, am an affiliate,( lol though not very good in that i can easildepartment), and have generated plenty of rake.

So list what you have done aside from psoting here and collecting points etc that would warrent more privligaes?

Not arguing here all just would like to know . Smile

well , i can say very easily that i have made several deposits and some withdraws already in a room with the link from BRM , i also agree that you made a good and correct point with your answer but that does not mean that BRM could give some extra for the mobsters who make posts on regular way because that's what keeps this site more attractive also . it is not my intention to change rules here and it would not be possible also but the extra free places at party pokers wsop freeroll for mobsters who made over 300 posts was a good initiative from BRM and that was the reason why i wanted to create a poll and a post about this issue .

Posted by fcumred:
There should be a rule that says to complete in hte safe comp. you have to post daily as well.. If you dont post you dont get a chance to go for it.

post daily? that would be stupid, sometimes theres nothing interesting to write about, a lot of people will spam around to get a shot. plus some people do not post daily, but when they post something its more than one post a day

sound good for me i try to be the most active in the forum.
so good for me if we have some little benefit if we are active it dont have to be big advantage anyway good luck to all Blink

Posted by jessthehuman:
I reckon there should always be more incentive to post. Like free mob shots for example , why not ONLY award to those who post ? and you get more shots based on how many posts you've made in the last X days or whatever..

If you post and therefor earn points, you can choose to use your points to buy extra shots at the safe so you have the possibility to make your own luck.
But maybe you won't spend and just have more opportunities
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I visit the website everyday but dont post on a regular basis. I try to read because I m new in poker. I dont think that the quantity of post is a good mesuare.

Posted by mrnugger:
at this point BRM has 208.276 members but , unfortunetly maybe few hundreds are posting at regular base so it was a very good idea from BRM to let some regular posters participate in the freerolls at party poker . Think that in the future it would be a good idea to do more of such things for the regular posters .

I used to think that, indeed, regular members shoudl be entitled to a little more than sporadical ones. But the thing is they do! Members that post regularly are sure to be able to request a cashout for their points that users that come and I voted no on this one

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