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Posted by Arithmajik:
Also just figured I should say, not saying it's bad to use a HUD, I'm not questioning your skill or ethics in any way Retiribution. It makes sense for you to want to make sure no one has an edge on you. I just wish HUD's were never invented, so I didn't have to buy in to negate others edges against me.

Also I'd rather play a table full of bots than a table full of HUD's.

You could always play at sites that HUDS don't support (PKR has extremely minimal HUD support - although, that may change very soon as they've released new windowed-table software).

There's also a network (forget which - but a medium sized one) - that has anonymous SNs - so you can't track any info beyond a single session - make HUDs & notes pointless.

A few posts back you were talking about not wanting to invest money to buy a HUD-program.
Then go on the search for FPDB (Free Poker DataBase).
It does not work on all sites (but PS and PP are no problem).
Just read through several pages of how to set up for YOU, as it does NOT come with a fancy installation tool.
Although they use the word DataBase, it only collects data on games that YOU play.

HOWEVER, it works, but as some others already said, the numbers can help you, but always keep using your own mind.

i dont understand online poker anyways i think they just take from the poor and give to the rich lol...

That's true Jess, good point. I've been meaning to get to PKR I just always seem to get caught up in some promotion or another first.

@Limburg: Thanks for the tip, I think I'll look into that, it'll definitely be a nice introduction to what they can do.

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