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Posted by ILI_002:
hey oliver, what's your favorite poker book among the plenty of them and how has it improved your game????

Posted by IslandJack:
"Every Hand Revealed" by Gus hansen. Thumbs Up
It's a blast to read.
Amazing stuff and pretty funny too.
It really opened my eyes. Shock

Wow, I didn't know Gus' book was so good! If you say it is, it probably is...
I don't know why, but I always had the impression that Gus is not so good at giving away tips and teaching you stuff, although I know he's a very solid pro (even if he made some terrible moves in this season's High Stakes Poker Tongue ). In contrast to Phil Gordon, who seems like he was born to do just that...
Sounds cool, I'll just try to find it and download it Thumbs Up

#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond

He doesn´t really teach you anything, but the book is great!
It explains every hand he played to finnally win the Aussie Millions.
VERY agressive and imaginitive playing, a bit crazy really.

I´ve said this before on the forum, but the week after reading his book, I played a 5.000 players tourney, and came in 1ST!!!
Really, I played it SUPER agressive, seeing something in a lot of flops, never calling, always raising, etc.

It was GREAT! Blink

Can´t play that way anymore. Sad
Maybe I should read it again.

but it´s a really fun book, made me laugh a lot!

Hello all!

Very many people started playing poker lately, counting on the fact that their work until now may be left then, and they may get rich quickly. Sad, that the largest part of these professional players huge fall will be obliged to book. There are few people although very many people play poker people who are players winning really.

Good books:
Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie: Moon em competition strategy, second volume: Endgame
Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie: Moon em competition strategy, third volume: Collection of examples
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i personally think if you know the basics of poker you are a player .. the only think that makes the difference beetwen a good player and the other's is the decision he take and that bit of luck

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book
Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book
For me, than low stakes FR cg for a player according to you from among these which book worthy to obtain? I may obtain it free quasi, but I cannot decide:
Matthew Hilger: Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities
Matthew Hilger & Ian Taylor:The Poker Mindset
Ed Miller...: Small Stakes Hold'em
Matthew Hilger: Internet Texas Hold'em
Matt Flyn...: Professional No-Limit Hold'em
David Sklansky, Ed Miller: No Limit Hold'em: Theory and Practice
David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth: Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players

Posted by HsH80:
Has anybody read the "The Poker Mindset (written by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger)"???

For me personally it's the most important Poker Book ever!!!

Yeah it's a really good book.Everyone should read it,cos there's some very important s**t in it.It's worth buying it. Thumbs Up

Doyle Brunson - Super System 2 is my favourite book. Doyle Brunson, the legendary world champion are one of the most outstanding shapes of the poker. Our Suns one of the most influential pokers the hall of playful, own on-line poker is, concerned several pokers topic wrote a book, from among which one of the most popular ones Super System 2.
The book the world's best and most successful poker players, interviews his researchers, his authors, his world champions, who away their most guarded secrets and their strategies are sold from this fascinating game. I read it two times. Big Smile

Colin Moshman - good book for SnG strategy Smile

Hello everybody!

One of the best books: David Sklansky -The Theory of Poker.
This book burns heavy reading, and much poker principle not the today trendy one like that no limit holdemből through bought examples introduces, but we say it fixed limit holdemből, omahából, possibly the 5-card draw játékből buys examples. What all this does not change on the fact that this most useful poker is a book however, from which we may understand the logic of this game really. According to me worthy to be extremely fond. Thumbs Up

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